Single-Family Dwellings

If you are building a new home (single family dwelling), you are required to submit for and obtain a building permit and inspections. Please be aware of Herriman’s Single Family Design Standards.

Be sure to notify us if you are acting as an Owner/Builder

Requirements for submitting a permit application for a single-family dwelling

  1. Architectural Review Committee approval (if required by subdivision) – plan review cannot begin unless this information is included with the submittal
  2. Permit Application Form
  3. Construction plans – with electronic structural engineer’s stamp
  4. Unified Fire Authority fire marshal approval (801-743-7232 or is required in certain circumstances (see Utah Code 15A-5-203):
    1. If total square footage within exterior walls exceeds 10,000 sq. ft.
    2. If in an urban-wildland interface
    3. If located in an area without fire hydrant coverage
    4. If the only fire apparatus access road has a grade greater than 10% for more than 500 ft.
    5. If total square footage within exterior walls is double the average of unsprinkled homes in that subdivision
  5. Site plan – with setbacks easily legible at that size (include easements, drainage plan – see sample). For sloped lots, include contour lines
  6. Landscape plan – must meet Water Efficiency Standards as of January 3, 2022. The plan must show park strip trees and any fencing in lieu of landscaping per landscape ordinance (see landscaping requirements).
  7. REScheck – the 2015 Utah Code version – make sure to use the most current version of software, choose Riverton for the City (since Herriman is not a choice)
  8. Manual J, D & S (energy analysis documents)
  9. Structural engineering – with electronic engineer’s stamp
  10. Gas line diagram – (commonly drawn on foundation plan – see sample). An updated gas line diagram must be submitted to the inspector at the rough 4-way
  11. Contractor Agreements -or- Owner/Builder Documents:
    1. Contractor Agreements – to be signed by the General Contractor
    2. Owner/Builder Certificate, Homeowner Power to Panel Agreement & Homeowner Grading Agreement  – see Owner/Builder page for more information
  12. Model homes – if the permit application is for a model home, please fill out the Model Home Request Form, get it signed and submit it with the permit application and plans

If you are a contractor planning to build multiple houses using the same building plans, please see Cardfile Plan Review Program.


Please review the following notices (copies are provided when you purchase your permit):

Other applicable information:

Permit fees are based on use of area and square footage (see Fee Calculation Form). We will email invoices when fees are due. Permit fees do not include sewer fees – contact the South Valley Sewer District at 801-571-1166. Another cost you will incur will be for a soils report which must be provided to the inspector at the footing inspection – see Geotechnical (Soils) Report.

Submit signed application and plans to the Building Department by email at  If your plans are too large to email, please provide a shareable link to where we can download your plans from such as Dropbox, Google Drive or other online service.

Plan review will take approximately 10-15 working days, after which we may require corrections that will need to be made to your plans. We will email invoices when fees are due.  The permit will be issued after plans are approved and all fees are paid.

Call the Building Department at 801-446-5327 at least one business day before you wish to schedule inspections (see Required Inspections).

Landscaping is required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (see Landscaping Requirements). As soon as landscaping has been installed, the permanent water meter will be set within 2-3 working days if a water application has been submitted to the Water Department. If no application has been made, the Water Department will remove the jumper and shut off the water.

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