The Herriman City hall, pictured in June 2018 from Crane Park

Government Affairs

Government Affairs

Herriman City's Government Affairs team is responsible for monitoring state and federal government activities, developing a program for the City Council's legislative priorities, and coordinating legislative activities with other public and private-sector entities. The City's staff works with state and federal lobbyists to track and respond to legislative issues related to local government, advocating in Herriman's best interest on various issues, including infrastructure, housing, water, economic development, public safety, appropriations, and more.

Key Legislative Principles

The City Council has established key principles to guide its support or opposition of bills. Additionally, specific priorities have been prepared for this year's session.

  • Preserve local authority
  • Maintain fiscal responsiblity
  • Economic vibrancy
  • Regional needs

2023 State Legislative Session

Focus Areas and Priorities

  • Local interests
    • Support for local government and retaining local decision-making for local needs
  • Housing and land use
    • Housing development and local land use policies that embrace local decision-making
    • Funding for local jurisdictions to address the need for affordable housing
    • Address housing supply and affordability while promoting smart growth and adequate transportation systems
    • Retain cities’ oversight of short-term rentals and accessory dwelling units
  • Economic vibrancy
    • Funding for local businesses and creating opportunities that attract a variety of sectors
    • Job creation/job centers/industry on the southwest end of the Salt Lake Valley
    • Funding opportunities for open space, trail connectivity, arts and cultural amenities
    • Smart city development with a focus on broadband
  • Transportation
    • Funding and support for alternative methods of transportation
    • East/west connectivity across the valley
    • U-111 realignment
    • Funding for 7300 West project
  • Water conservation
    • Work with cities to understand conservation and what works in their areas, considering more of an incentivized approach rather than a “one size fits all” approach
    • Support for examining water reuse and water recycling

Bills the City is Tracking

Check back here for updates throughout the legislative session.

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