Transfer of Permit Ownership

If you are planning to transfer a building permit from one owner to another, you are required to submit the following, along with a $94.00 permit transfer.

Requirements for transferring a building permit

Contact the Building Department at 801-446-5327 to determine the status of the project and what is required to finish the project. We can email you a copy of the original permit and the inspection history to date. We can also give you the architect information so you can order a new set of plans if necessary (see item 4).

  1. Permit transfer/re-stamp fee of $94.00.
  2. Fill out a new Permit Application Form, listing the new contractor and sub-contractors as applicable.
  3. Fill out the Request for Transfer of Permit Ownership Form.
    1. Complete the property information section.
    2. The next section is to be filled out by the previous holder of the permit and be notarized. If the house has been foreclosed on, a letter from the bank/lienholder on their letterhead will be acceptable in place of this section. If the home has been purchased by an individual, a copy of the settlement statement or title is required in place of this section.
    3. The last section is to be filled out by the new contractor or owner/builder and be notarized. A copy of the new contractor’s state license is also required. If the new permit holder is going to act as an owner/builder, then also submit an Owner-Builder Declaration Form (see Owner/Builder Requirements).
  4. Contractor Agreements, or if being done by an owner/builder, the Homeowner Power to Panel Agreement and Homeowner Grading Agreement.
  5. The original approved/stamped set of the construction plans must be obtained and be onsite for inspectors if the house has not passed the rough 4-way inspection or at the determination of the inspector. If they are unavailable, you can call our office and we can give you the architect information so you can order a new set. The plans must be submitted for comparison to our office copy and be re-stamped for the new permit holder, which is part of the $94.00 permit transfer/re-stamp fee.

Submit all required documents and plans to the Building Department by email at  If your plans are too large to email, please provide a shareable link to where we can download your plans from such as Dropbox, Google Drive or other online service.

The fee for permit transfer is $94.00. Payments may be made by phone, 801-446-5323, with an electronic check or by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

All required inspections must be approved in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy. Call the Building Department at 801-446-5327 at least one business day before you wish to schedule inspections (see Required Inspections).

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