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Main Street Widening and Reconstruction

December 2023 - Spring 2024

Project overview

Widening and major improvements to existing Main Street/Herriman Highway between 6225 West and 7300 West. Addition or replacement of culinary and secondary water lines, curb and gutter, sidewalk, drainage improvement, landscaping and park strips, pavement, and re-striping to add a middle turn lane, bike lanes, and a shoulder.

Project webpage

Latest update

(Updated Sept 25) 

  • In order to finalize roadway grading and pavement of Herriman Main Street, the stretch from 6225 W to 6400 W will be CLOSED from Tuesday, September 26th, through Friday, September 29th. Watch for detour signage in the area that will lead you around the construction. Those living in the area will still be allowed access to their property during the work.
  • Due to project delays, the sidewalk used in a permanent Safe Walk Route for Oak Leaf Elementary School students living in the area of 7300 West and south of Main Street was not completed by the beginning of the school year. Jordan School District buses are serving as temporary shuttles until the winter school holiday. Constructing the sidewalk from 7300 West to Dansie Oaks Blvd. remains a top priority. Preparation for the sidewalk, including grading and utility relocation, is ongoing. Anticipated completion for the sidewalk is early winter.


  • Noise and dust
  • Heavy equipment
  • Occasional lane restrictions
  • Minimal full closures
  • Work hours: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • 10-foot minimum access to be maintained for homes and businesses
  • Any property disturbance will be relocated or replaced with "like kind"


Project budget


Juniper Crest Rd/Patriot Ridge Dr Traffic Signal

June 2023 - September 2023

Project overview

Installation of four-way traffic signal at the intersection of Juniper Crest Road and Patriot Ridge Drive/Mount Ogden Peak Road.

Latest update

(Updated Sept 18) 

  • The traffic signal has been installed and is functioning.
  • Sidewalk ramps on corners of the intersection failed their 28-day maximum weight-bearing test and will be replaced.
  • Unforeseen materials delays caused the project to be delayed until September instead of completion by the beginning of the school year.


  • Noise and dust
  • Heavy equipment
  • Sidewalk closures during reconstruction and installation
  • Occasional lane restrictions
  • Minimal full closures only when signal poles are installed
  • Work hours: 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Project budget


Asphalt Resurfacing

August - September 2023

Project overview

Each year, the City resurfaces roadways with preservation treatment as standard maintenance to preserve the life of the road. The list of roads is based on a multi-year rotating schedule. Locations are spread throughout the city, including neighborhood roads, cul-de-sacs, and some more major roads.

(Updated Sept 22)


  • Road closures during work. 
    • Residents must remove all vehicles from the affected street before, during, and after the treatment process until crews have removed the closure barriers. The contractor will provide notice via a door hanger note to residents several days in advance.
  • Noise, heavy equipment
  • Work hours: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Project budget


Monday, September 18

  • Scenic View Circle
  • Scenic Meadow Court
  • Gina Road (Heather Daisy Dr. to Weaver Cir.)
  • Knapper Way
  • Annika Run Drive
  • Bonnie Jean Lane
  • Cabin Trail Court
  • Cabin Trail Way
  • Tempest Ridge Circle

Tuesday, September 19

  • Scenic Hills Place
  • Scenic Canyon Cove
  • 7300 West
  • Carmen Oak Drive
  • Weaver Circle
  • Gina Road (Weaver Cir. to Conne Bell Dr.)
  • 14300 South
  • Fort Pierce Way
  • Crested Butte Way
  • Killington Court
  • Rose Summit Drive
  • Headrose Drive
  • Oak Borough Lane

Wednesday, September 20

  • Signal Crest Drive
  • 7300 West (Hall Crossing Dr to Sunset Shadow Ln)
  • Windy Oak Drive
  • Hidden Elm Way
  • Pink Blossom Drive
  • 13100 South (Twisted Oaks Drive)
  • Sue Peaks Cove
  • Boot Canyon Cove
  • Big Bend Vista Drive

Thursday, September 21 (Rescheduled to due to weather)

  • Suffolk View Cove (Fri Sept 29)
  • Suffolk View Lane (Fri Sept 29)
  • Shearing Cove (Fri Sept 29)
  • Tule Mountain Cove (Fri Sept 29)
  • Antelope Flat Way (Thur Sept 28)
  • Jackson Crest Way (Wed, Sept 27)
  • Freeman Lane (Fri Sept 29)
  • Elena Canyon Cove (Fri Sept 29)
  • Big Bend Vista Drive (Fri Sept 29)
  • Copper Gulch Lane (Fri Sept 29)

Friday, September 22

  • Teton Pass Way
  • 12060 South
  • McCuiston Ave
  • Midas Camp Lane
  • Greenford Lane
  • Raptor Way
  • Big Bend Vista Drive
  • Blue Creek Drive
  • Candice View Cove
  • Rifle Shot Lane
  • Sparrow Hawk Lane
  • Muzzle Loader Drive

Monday, September 25

  • Split Oak Drive
  • Sheps Ridge Lane
  • Aurora Vista Drive
  • Pacific Maple Way
  • Fort Duchesne Cove/14320 S
  • Rockwell Park Cove
  • Grandpere Ave
  • Cheval Court
  • Deon Court
  • Evening View Drive

Tuesday, September 26

  • Watchmen Way
  • Overwatch Drive
  • Rollinsford Lane
  • Woodsmere Lane
  • Aurora Vista Circle
  • Friendship Drive
  • Trailview Way/Trailside Drive
  • Ore Cart Lane
  • Indian Hollow Lane
  • Candice View Court
  • Davin View Drive

Wednesday, September 27

  • Woodsmere Lane
  • Cuchara Way
  • Fort Pierce Way
  • Twisted Oaks Drive
  • Elk Refuge Way
  • 7300 West (13055 S to Sunset Shadow Ln.)
  • Bailey Hill Way
  • Teton Park Drive
  • Hawks Bluff Road
  • Jackson Crest Way

Thursday, September 28

  • Paladin Way
  • Teton Pass Way
  • Highfield Drive
  • Friendship Drive
  • Rockwell Peak Lane
  • Croyden Lane
  • Emory Peak Cove
  • Juniper Flat Cove
  • Big Bend Vista Drive
  • Evening View Drive
  • Sunset Meadow Circle
  • Salerno Street
  • Peacemaker Way
  • Derringer Way

Friday, September 29

  • Otis Lane
  • Sigmon Lane
  • Jeannette Lane
  • Luzerne Court
  • Provence Circle
  • Teton Park Drive
  • Suffolk View Lane
  • Suffolk View Cove
  • Freeman Lane
  • Shearing Cove
  • Tule Mountain Cove
  • Copper Gulch Lane
  • Elena Canyon Cove
  • Big Bend Vista Drive

13200 South (Herriman Rose Blvd) Connection

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Project overview

Road and utility installation to connect Herriman Rose Boulevard/13200 South to Mountain View Corridor. This is a development company-led project in consultation with the City.

Latest update 

(Updated Sept 12)

  • Construction will begin in Fall 2023 with installation of utilities, water, and stormwater infrastructure, as well as pre-grading work for the road itself. Due to wintertime temperatures, curbing and pavement will not be completed until the spring of 2024, after which the roadway will open to the public.


  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Heavy equipment
  • Road is not anticipated to be open until the spring in 2024


  • TBA

Project budget

Reimbursement project

7300 West Widening and Improvement

Winter 2023 - Fall 2024

Project overview

Widening and improvement of approximately 1,500 feet of 7300 West, between McCuiston Avenue/Arla J Way and Hall Crossing Drive. Improvements include new asphalt, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street lighting, and infrastructure for storm drain and water.

Latest update 

(Updated Aug 22)

  • Construction is expected to start in late winter/early spring 2024 and be complete in the fall.
  • Property acquisition is in progress; project expected to go to contractor bid in late fall/early winter


  • No impacts expected until late winter 2023/2024


  • TBD; bid expected in late fall/early winter 2024

Project budget


13400 South/Bangerter Interchange (UDOT)

Fall 2023 - Fall 2025

Project overview

This project occurs outside of Herriman but greatly affects our residents. From the fall of 2023 - fall 2025, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will be overseeing the transformation of stoplight intersection on Bangerter Highway at 9800 South, 13400 South, and 2700 West to freeway-style interchanges. When the intersection is transformed, Bangerter Highway will eventually pass under 13400 South.

The project will include a closure of east/west traffic on 13400 South across Bangerter Highway from fall 2024 to late summer 2025.

Full project details can be found on UDOT's website.

Latest update 

(Updated Sept 7)

  • Work will start in fall 2023, but traffic impacts will begin in spring 2024. 


  • Travel impacts begin in spring 2024
    • Occasional lane closures
    • Travel delays
    • Traffic pattern shifts
  • Noise, dust, vibration

Contact information

Hamilton Farms Stormwater Improvement

March - September 2023

Project overview

New installation or replacement of storm drain pipe and infrastructure in the Hamilton Farms neighborhood. This will help more efficiently direct stormwater during heavy rain or snow events and ensure balanced use of detention ponds.

Latest update 

(Updated August 29)

  • The primary project has been completed and the stormwater infrastructure is functioning property
  • Some road damage occurred during the project. Additional work will be done to repair the road. A timeline will be published when it becomes available.


  • Main project impacts are complete
  • Upcoming road repair impacts:
    • Noise
    • Dust
    • Heavy equipment
    • Occasional lane restrictions
    • Occasional full road closures (with notice)


  • J & B Excavating

Project budget