A few houses in the foothills of Herriman overlooking the county and Wasatch Front

Planning and Zoning

Balance. Infrastructure. Quality of life.

Planning Department

The Planning Departments responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining and implementing the Herriman City General Plan. The general plan is a long-term vision that guides the City’s development decisions. The department is currently working with a consultant to update the general plan.
  • Reviewing individual development proposals for compliance with the Land Development Code.
  • Providing information about planning, zoning and development permit requirements to the public.
  • Assisting the Planning Commission and City Council in their reviews of development applications.

Payments for applications costing more than $1,000 may be made by phone at 801-446-5323, with an electronic check. Payments of $1,000 and less can also be made with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Current projects

For more information about the applications currently being considered by the Planning Commission, please review the public notices page.

For your information


No person or persons at any one residence or property within the City shall at any one time own, harbor, or license more than three adult dogs, three cats, or two ferrets, and no more than four total animals in any combination.

For information regarding agricultural animals, click here.

For information regarding backyard chickens, click here.

Please check the zoning map if you are unsure which zone you are in.


The City has adopted fencing requirements that deal with type, height, and placement of fences. Please review the ordinance prior to any fence installation.

Please see the Building Department page for questions regarding permit requirements for fences.

Contact Us


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Michael Maloy • City Planner
Phone: 801-446-5323 | Email

Michael Maloy

Clint Spencer • Planning Manager
Phone: 801-446-5323 | Email

Clint Spencer