A sprinkler at Crane Park sprays water onto grass

Secondary Water

Irrigation water

**Secondary water is expected be pressurized and available to residents by May 15, 2024.**

Secondary Water

The Herriman City Water Department is actively working to provide clean, safe drinking water and secondary irrigation water to the valued residents and businesses of Herriman City in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sensitive manner.

Requirements before using secondary water:

  • Customer must call for an inspection of their sprinkler connection to the secondary service line. (See instructional video below)
  • Customer must have a current backflow assembly test report if using culinary and secondary (swing line connection) for irrigation. See Backflow for a list of certified backflow technicians.
  • Customer must call in to request a secondary water meter to be set after they have passed inspection and have a current backflow assembly test report.

Safety and Awareness

Remember to wear the appropriate safety equipment for each task, operate any tools in a safe manner and in the way they are intended to be used. Follow all safety guidelines and protocols of all manufacturers.

General Installation

Follow all manufacture recommendations and installation instructions. Blue Stakes should always be called at least 48 hours prior to any excavation.

Explanation of Components and Parts

Secondary Water Meter Box – Item installed by Developer for City use only. This is usually a green sprinkler box or a cast iron oval meter box. Home owners are responsible for hooking up to the line outside the box. Do not connect to anything inside of the meter box. The City will install a secondary water meter after the connection has passed inspection.

Stop and Waste Valve – The stop & waste valve serves two basic purposes. It is used for turning water on or off and for draining water out of the sprinkler system. The valve must be fully open or fully closed to operate properly.

Filter (optional) – We recommend using a filter. The secondary water will be filtered before it enters the distribution system. We are filtering it down to 200 microns. Check with your sprinkler professional for their recommendation on filtration for your particular sprinkler system.

Swing-line – A swing-line is only needed if you plan on using both culinary and secondary for irrigation. It is not needed if you choose to use only secondary for irrigation. A swing-line is used to ensure only one supply of water is being used for irrigation. In a swing-line box you have two supply lines coming in (culinary & secondary) each with a shut off valve and you have one line going out (sprinkler feed line). There is one flexible line that is permanently fastened to the sprinkler feed and a quick connector that can be connected to either the secondary or the culinary depending on which supply will be used.

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