A Street Lights Department staff member in a bucket truck repairs a street light in Herriman

Street Lights

Safety. Scenery. Quality.

Street Lights Department

The Street Lights Department maintains and repairs street lights and luminaries. It also manages traffic signals, school flashers and electronic signs. They also hang various banners on light poles to help beautify the city.


Herriman City maintains:

  • 803 arterial street lights
  • 3,510 residential street lights

How are street lights metered?

Arterial street lights are set on meter cabinets and are billed based on metered usage. Residential lights are direct connect and are billed a flat rate from dusk to dawn. 

To help on monthly cost savings, Herriman City formally adopted a requirement for developers to install LED street lights. The Street Lights Department is in the process of replacing all existing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) street lights to Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights. 

In between big projects, daily tasks, and duties, the department has been continually working to replace old aluminum poles to meet the current standard street lighting plans.

Street light

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Tina Giles • Operations Coordinator
Phone: 801-446-5323 | Email

Tina Giles

Monte Johnson • Director of Operations
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Monte Johnson