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Fire Service Funding and Property Tax Updates

Animated image showing that the City has left the Unified Fire Service Area, that funds coming from the UFSA will be covered by a temporary increase in taxes by the City, and that next year, a new Herriman City Fire Service Area will be created. City property taxes will go back down accordingly next year.

Effective January 1, 2021, Herriman City withdrew from the Unified Fire Service Area (UFSA). The UFSA is a taxing entity that collects property taxes from participating cities (including Herriman until 2021), and funds fire services for those respective cities. Herriman City's fire services are provided by the Unified Fire Authority through a contracted service. As a participating city, Herriman residents paid the fire service portion of their property taxes to the UFSA. Starting in 2022, Herriman will have its own direct taxing entity for fire services called the Herriman City Fire Service Area (HCFSA). However, for the year in between the UFSA and HCFSA, the City still needs to pay for its fire services. To do so, the City will raise its portion of Herriman property taxes by the exact same rate that the UFSA charged, and the UFSA portion will decrease to zero. The following year, it is anticipated that the City will decrease its rate back to the previous amount, and the HCFSA will carry the same rate that the UFSA did. 

The City will provide notice for the change with a full Truth in Taxation public process. The table below shows that the amount collected by the UFSA will now be collected by the City. The total rate of property taxes Herriman residents pay for City services (including police and fire) will not change. If you have questions regarding these changes, please reach out to the Finance Department at

Truth in Taxation Breakdown

Graphic of Property Tax

KEY 2021-2022 City Budget & Truth in taxation dates

Truth in Taxation

• By June 22 — Notify County Auditor

• By July 22 — County Auditor mails out notices of property valuation and tax changes

• August 4 — Public Hearing & Adoption


• By June 20 — Present Tentative Budget

• July 14 — Approval of Tentative Budget

• August 4 — Public Hearing & Adoption