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Herriman City will hold a non-partisan municipal general election on November 2, 2021 to elect a Mayor and two (2) City Council positions to serve four-year terms. City Council positions will be elected from Council Districts two (2) and three (3) with the Mayoral position being elected at-large. 

The following individuals have been nominated to appear on the ballot for the Herriman City Municipal General Election to be held on November 2, 2021.

          Mayor (4-year term):

                  Lorin Palmer

                  Clint Smith

          City Council District 2 (4-year term):

                 Aly Escobar

                 Teddy Hodges

          City Council District 3 (4-year term):

                  Sherrie Ohrn

Any person who is eligible to vote in an election may register and vote in a municipal election. Additional information and registration forms may be obtained from the Salt Lake County Elections Office at (385) GOT-VOTE or by emailing got-vote@slco.org.

2021 Herriman City Candidates

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Mayor (One Seat)

Lorin Palmer

12452 S Cheval Court
Herriman, UT 84096

I moved to Herriman with my wife, Christi, in 2013. We love living here and the wonderful sense of community we have in Herriman. 

I am running for mayor to ensure that as Herriman grows, our community retains the values, character, and livability that have made our city the best city to live in. 

I worked closely with many neighbors in organizing Utah for Responsible Growth. We stood up for our community while neighboring projects like Olympia Hills tried to add massive congestion to our roads. 

I am ready to hit the ground running and work with YOU – the residents – to ensure we keep our quality of life. It is going to take someone with experience, someone who is trusted, and someone who is invested in our community to make this happen. 

My goals as Mayor of Herriman: 

  • Work to create more community places, trails, youth sports fields, and other desired amenities.
  • Improve the quality of life for residents through improved infrastructure, citywide broadband, and a broad economic tax base.
  • Advocate for all housing types to be built in the city with a focus on more single-family homes.

I hope to earn your vote! Please reach out anytime!

Primary Financial Report

General Financial Report

Clint Smith

13749 Horseback Lane
Herriman, UT 84096

My mom and dad instilled in me a deep sense of duty to community.  I was born and raised in Draper and learned the value of community service watching my father serve in many different ways throughout the city.  My mom also served with the volunteer ambulance service, whenever the pager went off she would respond, no matter day and night.  They were dedicated to being trustworthy, working hard, and helping others.  

We’ve had some challenges in the Mayor’s office in recent years, and at this critical time, it is important that we restore trust and accountability. 

  • I am passionate about serving the citizens of Herriman in a way that restores trust and confidence.  More than ever, an unwavering commitment to Reinvigorate Outreach to Citizens, Transparency and Accountability are paramount. 

I began working in the Fire/EMS service in 1993 as a volunteer on a Draper City Ambulance.  I’ve worked in different roles throughout the Valley, including many different leadership positions.  I have been a firefighter, paramedic, and LifeFlight medic.  I currently serve as the Fire Chief in Draper, where I was asked to build the department from the ground up.  It’s rewarding to be where my mother served and where I started.  

  • I have extensive experience working with municipal government, responsible municipal budgeting, prioritizing needs, and creatively solving problems, through both good and difficult times.  I understand the direct affect that City decisions can have on quality-of-life issues for people. 
  • To successfully resolve challenges we have to realize that, what may initially seem like an easy answer, is often much more difficult when the limitations of reality and unintended consequences are considered.  There are no easy answers to housing issues, but we can employ a variety of tools to address crowding - Increased setbacks, limits to the percentage of rentals allowed, innovative landscaping are just some of those options.     

My wife Tangie and I moved to 20 years ago when there were about 1,000 people here.  We loved the “Herriman Feel” and it just really fit who we are.  

  • We must prioritize staying Family Oriented, Keeping Open Spaces, and Providing a variety of Recreational Opportunities.   
  • Growth has brought many challenges that must be addressed by proactively engaging with citizens in a very transparent, reasoned, conscientious way that fosters that ‘Herriman Feel.’  

I served on the Planning Commission for eight years; elected as Chair for the last five.  In August 2013 I was appointed and served 5 months as Interim Mayor and worked hard re-establishing the City’s vision and priorities following the resignation of the Mayor.  I was later elected to the City Council in 2018.  

  • Economic growth will continue to be priority of mine, working on the Anthem Commercial Center with Winco as anchor; Herriman Corners, including VASA Fitness and Ace Hardware; Lee’s Market under construction near The Real Complex; and the Automall property with surrounding commercial, including The Garage Grill. 

I would love to answer your questions and hear your concerns and ideas.  Email me at Clint@ElectClintSmith.com or my phone number is 801-824-3709.

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City Council District 2 (One Seat)

Aly Escobar

5503 W Bilston Lane
Herriman, UT 84096

Our family started in Herriman, and before our second child was born we were ready to build our dream home, and like you we picked Herriman. I love our community, my neighbors, and all the wonderful amenities that make Herriman great. However, I am also aware of the many challenges that face our City and the residents. 

I am uniquely qualified to understand, and more importantly how to address these challenges by serving on the City Council. Not only do I have my experience as a resident of Herriman, I was previously employed with Herriman City, and have met many of you. I have worked with residents on understanding and solving their critical issues. My experience with the City has given me incredible insight on how I can make a difference. I understand the role of government, and I know from the inside what it takes to maintain our quality of life. 

I attended the University of Utah and received a BS in Political Science with a minor in psychology. My internship was with the Hinckley Institute working with the Utah legislation for the Utah Department of Higher Education. This experience impressed upon me the importance of making sure our voices are heard at every level of government. 

My two most important titles were earned while living in Herriman — wife and mother. My husband Mynor Escobar, and my two wonderful sons, Sebastian and Oliver are my number one motivation to make a difference in the community. I want my family to enjoy the parks, trails, Herriman Hills and all the wonderful events provided by the City. 

As a member of the City Council I will be dedicated to making sure the City is fiscally sound, and supporting economic development as a key to provide a secure financial future. 

My platform includes:

  • Economic Development, making Herriman City a center of opportunity
  • Public Safety - Herriman Police Department & Unified Fire Authority
  • Preserve open space
  • Address transportation and infrastructure needs
  • Manage growth
  • Inclusive city

I am currently working with the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission. In this position I am helping the Commission make sure that every voice is heard and considered as we create new voting districts throughout Utah. 

Many feel their voices are no longer being heard by those in political positions. This is my commitment - to always listen. You will have a voice in City government. 

Teddy Hodges

5526 W 13400 S #457
Herriman, UT 84096

Teddy's been part of his community for over a decade, working to make it a better place. You have seen him involved with Herriman Arts Council, Healthy Herriman, Herriman Community Awareness, State of Utah Suicide Coalition, and Mountain Ridge Youth Football Board. He has attended not only Herriman City Council meetings regularly but neighboring cities as well. 

In the darkest of times, Teddy was able to unite Herriman and bring hope, talk, love, and the community together. We need to bring this community together again. We need leadership, direction, respect, a working council, and a Mayor. 

Teddy knows the value of being connected and being the voice for the people. He has been connected to the community by his service, spending countless hours with youth programs, city meetings, volunteering with the local community, and Santa impersonations. He has a proven track record of being involved and answering the call. This political arena is just another way to do more for the community. 

Teddy is ready to work for you, ready to work for Herriman. 

Vote Teddy Hodges for City Council District 2

General Financial Report

City Council District 3 (One Seat)

Sherrie Ohrn

13858 S 7300 W
Herriman, UT 84096

General Financial Report

Final Financial Report

Candidate Debate

Herriman City hosted a debate for Mayoral and City Council District 2 candidates at the city hall on October 6, 2021.

The District 2 candidates debated first during this event, and the mayoral candidates followed. Direct Links:

City Council District 2 Candidate Debate

Mayoral Candidates Debate

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Visit the Online Voter Registration website to find information and to register. You need to have a current Utah Driver License or ID card in order to register using the online system. Your Online Voter Registration must be submitted 11 days prior to the upcoming election to be eligible to vote in that election. For the 2021 general election, the deadline is Friday, October 22 at 5:00 p.m. You may also register in person on Election Day (November 2, 2021) at a polling location (Herriman City Hall).

To find out if you are a registered voter please visit the County Election’s website. For voter registration information, contact the Salt Lake County Election Registrars office at 801-468-3427

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