Utility Billing

Billing Information

Herriman City utility billing is on a once-per-month billing cycle. Staff members read meters on the first business day of each month for the previous month’s usage. Bills are mailed as close to the 10th as possible. On the monthly statement you will notice three or four separate charges:

  • Culinary water rates
  • Secondary water rates
  • Park Fee
  • Stormwater

Payments are due on the 28th of every month. If a bill is over 30 days past due, we will send out a past due / delinquent notice. Payment must be made by the date listed on the notice to avoid disconnection.

Should water service be disconnected, the entire unpaid balance must be paid in full along with a $75 reconnect fee prior to restoring service.

In the event that the water service has been disconnected, any tampering with the meter or setter may result with the homeowner being fined.

The goal of Herriman City Municipal Water Department is to deliver clean, safe, drinking water to our customers that:

  • Meets all national and state purity standards
  • Supports normal domestic and commercial uses
  • Ensures adequate fire protection

Water Rates

Rates for culinary and secondary water can be found starting on the sixth page of the master fee schedule.

Park Fee

Herriman City takes pride in caring for and maintaining all parks in the city limits. To assist in keeping up with the care of the parks, the City charges a monthly $5.00 park maintenance fee to all residents.

Stormwater Fee

Beginning August 2019, Herriman City started assessing a monthly Stormwater Utility fee is. The amount billed depends on the type of structure on each property. When the fee was introduced, the City produced a short brochure explaining the charge and how it benefits and funds the City's stormwater infrastructure and maintenance.

Starting New Service

Residential / Existing or New Construction

For a new water meter set, please provide the following in person at the city hall or by filling out the application online with the form below:

  • Completed water application Herriman City Municipal Water Application
  • Settlement statement or closing disclosure from closing of home

Herriman City Water Application

Owner/Renter Authorization


The Water Department requires water accounts to remain in the property owner’s name. It will be the owner/landlord’s responsibility to forward billing information to their tenants. The homeowner is responsible for any balance owed on account.

Builders / Owner-Builders

Builders must sign up at the time of issuance of a building permit. An idler/jumper will be installed at that time. After final inspection of the home, the idler/jumper will be removed. At that time, the homeowner will be responsible to set up service and a meter will be installed.

The builder is responsible for the idler/jumper to remain intact during construction. Any tampering with the setter or idler may result in the builder being fined. It is illegal to use the construction water for watering landscaping. Prior to installing landscaping, the meter must be set in your name.

Cancel Your Service

Contact Herriman City offices to cancel your service after you have sold your home. Herriman City Municipal Water Department will read the meter for a final billing. The new owners then have ten days to transfer the service.

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