Public Notices

Public Notices

Public notices provide updates on public hearings, funding programs, expression of interest, public awareness announcements and other important information regarding Herriman City.

Information regarding the proposal or ordinance may be found at the Herriman City Hall, located at 5355 West Herriman Main Street.

City Council Public Hearings

May 25, 2022 — Public hearing to consider the Fiscal Year 2022-2024 Herriman City Budget, and amend the Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Herriman City Budget. 

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May 25, 2022 — The Community Development and Renewal Agency of Herriman will hold a Public hearing to accept comments on the Agency's Fiscal Year 2022-2024 budget.

May 25, 2022 — The Herriman City Safety Enforcement Area will hold a Public hearing to accept comments on the Agency's Fiscal Year 2022-2024 budget.

Planning Commission Public Hearings

May 5, 2022 — Recommendation to amend the Mountain View Office and Self Storage Master Development Agreement (MDA) to update property changes, building material changes, and other updates that have taken place since the MDA was initially approved. 

May 5, 2022 — Recommendation to amend 10-23 of the City Ordinance to reduce the landscaping requirement from seventy-five percent (75%) to fifty percent (50%) coverage.

Recently Approved Ordinances


Ordinance amending City Code Title 10 regarding Conditional Use Permit Review Standards.


Ordinance amending City Code Title 10 to allow internal accessory dwelling units in R-2 zones.


Ordinance amending Title 10 of Herriman City Code regarding electronic signs.


Ordinance of the Herriman City Council regulating, preventing, and banning the discharge of fireworks within certain areas of Herriman City.


Ordinance amending Title 10 of City Code to permit flag lots on large lots on minor collector streets in agricultural zones.


Ordinance amending the Herriman City official zoning ordinance, Title 10, pertaining to renaming residential and agricultural zones.


Ordinance amending Title 2 of the Herriman Code of Ordinances by adding Chapter 11, entitled Diversity Inclusion Advisory Board.

Request for Bids, Proposals, and Qualifications

Surplus Items

Vehicles and equipment will be disposed of in a manner that will maximize resale value and minimize surplus time.  As vehicles and equipment are approved for surplus, value will be established.  Herriman City will then post the surplus vehicles or equipment for sale.  Bids are then submitted in a closed bid form. Generally, bids will be awarded to the highest bid and to get the best return for the City.  All vehicles and equipment are sold in an “as is” “where is” “it is” in all respects without any warranty of any kind.

Other Public Notices

The Annual Audit Report for Fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, for Herriman City has been completed and is available to the public. A copy is available to view at the office of the City Recorder in Herriman City Hall during  regular business hours. 

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