Keeping track of your city's assets

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a valuable tool that maps and tracks City assets and infrastructure. This includes water lines, streets, sidewalks, trees, the stormwater system, and much more. Herriman City uses this information to keep accurate data on City assets and geography to facilitate informed decision-making.

Do You Want a Map of Herriman?

Herriman City has three different sizes of maps that can be purchased at the City Hall. You can choose from the following maps:

  • Zoning
  • Subdivisions
  • General Plan
  • Trails, Open Space, and Parks

11 x 17" 



24 x 36" 



44 x 36" 



Herriman City Maps


Zoning designation of land parcels within the City

Zoning Map


Subdivisions within the City

Subdivisions Map

City Districts Map

Herriman districts map (including City Council districts)

Districts Map


Link to FEMA floodplains map

Floodplains Map

General Plan Map

Projected future development of the City

General Plan Map

Parks and Open Space

Parks and other open space in Herriman

Parks and Open Space


Herriman City trails system

Trails Map

Primitive Trails

Herriman City unpaved trails

Primitive Trails Map

Primitive Trails Thumbnail

Firework Restrictions

Restricted areas for fireworks are shown in red

Fireworks Restrictions


Burial plots in the Herriman City Cemetery

Cemetery Map

Street atlas

Streets within Herriman City

Street Atlas

Street Atlas Book

All subdivisions and streets within Herriman City

Street Atlas Book

Snowplow Routes and Coverage Areas

All subdivisions and streets within Herriman City


Sidewalk and Trails Snow Removal

All sidewalks and trails Herriman City removes snow from and their priority level.

Sidewalk and Trail Snow Removal

Snow Sidewalk and Trail Removal Map

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