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The Facilities Department consists of 3 full time employees. Facilities strategy is to operate and maintain Herriman City facilities while providing the highest quality of service to the public and all city departments. 

The department maintains 56 buildings, totaling 181,705 square feet. Their duties include:

  • Maintenance and care for HVAC, Electrical, elevators, generators, etc.
  • Preventative maintenance throughout buildings
  • Snow removal around City-owned facilities
  • Provides cleaning supplies and janitorial services
  • Repair electrical, plumbing, drywall and paint
  • Provide locksmith services and hardware repairs
  • Manage furniture, fixtures and décor
  • Upgrades to cost- and energy-efficient LED lighting 
  • Manage building rental needs, scheduling and inspections

Park reservations

Members of the community may reserve Herriman City parks and facilities. For parks information, availability, and reservations, click on the button below.
A small picnic pavilion at Umbria Estates Park in Herriman

Community Room Reservations


The Community Room(s) is located at 5355 W Herriman Main Street, in the City Hall Building. Currently, reservations are only allowed Monday through Friday 5:30pm—10:30pm, and Saturday or Sundays from 7:00am—10:30pm. There is a wall in the center of community room A and B that can be opened to use as one big room. 

The Community room has a 2-hour minimum on all reservations and includes:

  • 12 round tables (approximately 48" in diameter)
  • 48 rectangle tables (approximately 60"x24")
  • 130 chairs
  • Kitchen: 1 microwave, 1 fridge, and ice dispenser
  • 2 projectors (one in A and one in B)

Reservations require a $100 cleaning and key deposit that will be refunded upon compliance of the rules provided on the Community Room Rental Agreement. Please be aware of the cancellation policy. Cancelling an event within 30 days will forfeit $50 of the deposit.

If you intend to use any of the audio/visual equipment, please call 801-446-5323 to coordinate training with IT before your scheduled event. IT staff will not be available outside of normal business hours for support.

Once your event is scheduled, it is YOUR responsibility to pick up a key before your event occurs. This must be done during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 7:30AM to 5:30PM. If you fail to pick up your key during business hours, we WILL NOT be able to meet you after hours to open doors for your reservations.

After hours call 801-446-5323 option #4, leave a detailed message and you will be contacted (use this contact if you are having an issue with getting into the building. Ex., key malfunction and not working). 

A picture of an enclosed half of the Herriman city hall community room with a series of tables and chairs.

Community Room A:

Room capacity with chairs: 110
Room capacity with tables and chairs: 50
Square footage: 1,324
Residential rate/hour: $50.00
Non-residential rate/hour: $75.00

A picture of Community Room B with tables and chairs

Community Room B:

Room capacity with chairs: 130
Room capacity with tables and chairs: 80
Square footage: 1,678
Residential rate/hour: $50.00
Non-residential rate/hour: $75.00

A picture of the Community rooms combined with chairs.

Combined Community Room A & B:

Room capacity with chairs: 240
Room capacity with tables and chairs: 130
Square footage: 3,004
Residential rate/hour: $100.00
Non-residential rate/hour: $150.00

Contact Us


7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. | Monday - Friday



After hours/emergency on call:

Option 4: Facilities/Street Lights

Monte Johnson • Director of Operations
Phone: 801-446-5323 | Email

Monte Johnson