happy trails. rugged, steep, and winding ones, too.


Herriman is home to an active community and lots of open space. Whether you're jogging with a stroller on a paved trail, riding your horse on the dirt, or navigating the hills on your mountain bike, there's room for you. Find your way with the interactive maps found below. Please help everyone enjoy the space by following proper etiquette.

Display showing the route of Eric's Alternate Trail that is closed.

*The trail section known as "Eric's Alternate Trail" has been permanently closed and will be revegetated. You are encouraged to use other nearby trails for hiking, biking, and horse riding. The City is continuing to explore options for expanding the trail system, including the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.*

*Motorized vehicles are not allowed on any Herriman City trails (including both paved and primitive trails)*

Interactive Maps

Click to view interactive online maps and information for the Herriman trails system. Herriman City maps are updated regularly. Trailforks is a popular website for trail users, but the map is not monitored by Herriman City.

Wild Aware Utah

Wild Aware Utah helps trail users know how to react when seeing various wildlife along their way. Herriman is known to be a home to rattlesnakes and coyotes. Click for more information.

Volunteer Projects

Would you like to help out with a project along Herriman's trails? Fill out the form below and City staff will be in contact with you.

Trail Etiquette

  • Stay on the trail: cutting corners causes erosion
  • Ride in control: the trails are busy with people recreating in different ways, be able to stop in a safe manner at all times
  • Yield appropriately (see graphic to left)
  • Dogs on leash at all times 
  • Leave no trace practices: 
    • Don’t leave trash behind. Pick some up if you see it
    • Respect wildlife
    • Be considerate of other trail users
    • Clean up after your dog. Trash bins found at the trailheads
  • No unauthorized motorized vehicles

Graphic showing who should yield to others on trails

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