A view of the land which Olympia Hills will be built on looking from Utah state road 111 southeast toward Herriman.


Olympia Development

Olympia is a 933-acre development in northwestern Herriman. The land was annexed into Herriman's boundaries along with a master development agreement in 2021. The total development will include up to 6,330 residential units, commercial areas, and open space. It will be built in phases over several years.


The first four subdivisions are in the City's review and approval process, which includes a 7-acre park. The first subdivisions are named Great Basin, Joshua Tree, Kings Canyon, and Mount Rainier. A map is shown below. Infrastructure construction is in progress, starting with 6400 West extending southward from Herriman Boulevard (12600 South).

  • Joshua Tree (approved July 19, 2023)
    • Phases: 1*, 2*, 3*
    • Residential units: 210
      • Detached: 55
      • Attached: 155
    • Average density: 11.85 units per acre
  • Kings Canyon (approved July 19, 2023)
    • Phases: 1*, 2
    • Residential units: 143
      • Detached: 71
      • Attached: 72
    • Average density: 7.9 units per acre
  • Great Basin (approved July 19, 2023)
    • Phases: 1, 2A*, 2B
    • Residential units: 150
      • Detached: 78
      • Attached: 72
    • Average density: 6.92 units per acre
  • Mount Rainier (in review)
    • Phases: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
      • Residential units: 528
      • Detached: 0
    • Attached: 528

* phases subject to Planning Commission approval as part of the Olympia master development agreement. The first three phases were approved July 19, 2023 (video link).
Phases that are directly next to existing neighborhoods are subject to the Planning Commission approval process. Other phases are subject to administrative approval. Recent administrative approvals can be found here.

A map showing the general locations of the first four Olympia development subdivisions

Olympia's first subdivisions and roads (updated January 2024)


  1. 6400 West phase 1 (12600 S. to traffic circle intersection with future Olympia Boulevard) 
    1. Under construction. Completion is expected by summer 2024
  2. 6400 West phase 2 (traffic circle intersection to north of Main Street)
    1. Plans are being reviewed. Construction anticipated to start after phase 1 is complete (about fall 2024)
  3.  Olympia Boulevard
    1. Expected after 6400 West phase 2 is complete
  4. Silver Sky Road (6400 West to Olympia eastern boundary)
    1. To be built alongside the Great Basin subdivision

Map highlighting the Olympia property inside Herriman City boundaries

Master Plan Maps

The Olympia master plans and design guidelines approved by Herriman City on September 29, 2021 (updated in January 2024) are linked below.

Annexation Process

For in-depth information on the Olympia annexation process completed in 2021, see this page.