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Backflow Assembly

The recommended backflow assembly type is a Reduced Pressure Zone assembly (RPZ). A backflow assembly is needed anytime culinary water will or may be used for irrigation. If using culinary only for irrigation, the backflow assembly must be installed on the main sprinkler feed line before the tee, junction, or the first set of control valves. If you are using culinary and secondary, the backflow assembly must be installed before the swing-line box. A backflow assembly is not required if secondary will be the only supply for your irrigation system. Backflow assemblies must be tested by a certified backflow technician within 10 days of initial use and annually thereafter.

Annual test results must be submitted to City Hall or via email to mtolbert@herriman.org before use.

Federal law

Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, Public Law 93-523, Water purveyors are responsible for the quality of drinking water delivered. This required that contamination from backflow be eliminated.

State Regulation and Code

Utah Code, Section 19-4-112 states “there shall be no cross connection between the potable (drinking water) and non-potable (auxiliary water) systems”.

Utah Public Drinking Water Rule R-309-105

Unprotected cross-connection that may affect water quality, are not allowed. Approved backflow prevention assemblies must be used.

Backflow assemblies must be tested on an annual basis by a certified tester.

Drinking water systems shall be protected for cross-connection from an pressurized irrigation system.

Utah Plumbing Code

Prohibits Cross-Connections.

Requires annual testing on all backflow assemblies.

Backflow Service Providers

The following list of backflow testing service providers have been pre-qualified through a public Request for Proposal (RFP) process to perform services related to the testing of residential backflow assemblies. Through the public RFP process, the providers have agreed to provide the services listed for the price listed. City holds the right to remove any and all providers that do not adhere to terms of the RFP at anytime. The City does not endorse nor hold a contract with these providers.

Company Name: Clearwater Backflow Services

Contact: Phil Fabry at 801-702-0313

Services Provided: Backflow testing, cleaning, and repair if needed

Prices: Testing $45 (cleaning if needed)

Repairs: $85 per hour for labor plus parts at 25% markup

Website: clearwaterbackflowservices.com