Solar Panels

If you are adding solar panels to your house, a permit and inspection is required.

All solar permit applications must be submitted electronically.

Requirements for submitting a permit application for solar panels

Please submit all of the following in one (1) PDF document by email to the Building Department at We forward all solar applications to UFA and WC3 for review and approval, so they must be submitted electronically.

  1. Permit Application Form filled out, printed, signed, scanned and included with other documentation. Be sure to include the valuation (costs for labor and materials) on the application form in the right column about halfway down the page in the Valuation field.
  2. Site plan showing location of the home on the lot and all PV system components on the property (if located on the roof, show the roof diagram with panel layout and include clearance dimensions of walkway around panels [3 feet minimum]).
  3. One line diagram and all other installation plans and listings as shown on the Plan Submittal Checklist.
  4. Approval letter from structural engineer.

Permit fees for solar panels are $177.41 and are charged as soon as the Building Department accepts the permit. These fees need to be paid before the department will submit the application for review. Permit fees pay for processing the permit and the required inspection to make sure your system is installed according to code. After the invoice is received, payments may be made by phone at 801-446-5323 with a credit card.  You will also be required to fill out WC3’s agreement and pay them their plan review fee directly.

When scheduling an inspection, please call the Building Department at 801-446-5327 at least one business day before you wish the inspection to take place. You may request a morning or afternoon inspection when the installer will be available to meet the inspector at the house. You may call the morning of the inspection to get a closer time estimate of the inspection. Be prepared to provide or show pictures as required on the Inspection Requirements List for approval at the inspection. Once approved, our office will send a net meter clearance to the power company.

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