Internal Accessory Dwelling Units

Consistent with Utah State and Herriman City codes, residents may apply for a permit to build and manage an "internal accessory dwelling unit" (I-ADU) in their single-family home. However, specified requirements must be met to obtain an I-ADU permit. A complete copy of Herriman City's zoning regulation for I-ADUs are available online at this link.

To see if you qualify to have an I-ADU, check the General Requirements. If you want to verify your zoning or have any other questions regarding the general requirements, please call 801-446-5323 and ask for the Planning Department or email

Requirements for submitting a permit application for an I-ADU

  1. Application Form includes an affidavit that needs to be filled out and signed by a notary (notaries are available at City Hall for no charge).
  2. Site plan (see sample Site Plan Plans) showing where ADU parking will be located.
  3. Picture of Address (see Sample Picture) showing ADU address as it will be installed. 
  4. Floor Plan (see Sample Remodel Diagrams).
Submit the application with all required documents by email to the Planning Department at

After the application is received, we will email you an invoice for the required fees. Following are typical fees required:

  • Zoning Application Fee: $75.00
  • Building Inspection Fee: $94.00 (waived if you currently have an open remodel/basement finish permit or will be getting a building permit for the construction required for this I-ADU)
  • Building Permit Fee: Varies (based on square footage of the newly finished or remodeled area)

Please be aware that a separate building permit is required for any structural change, remodel, or new construction in your home. However, the I-ADU zoning application must be received by the Planning & Zoning Department before a building permit may be processed by the Building Department (see Basement Finishes).

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