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On February 21, 2008, the Herriman City Council adopted a Landscaping Ordinance. This ordinance affects all existing homes in the City as well as all new residential construction. This ordinance requires all residential dwellings to have landscaping installed and maintained in their front yards, including any area in front of the dwelling, and side yard to the back line of the dwelling, including parkstrips (see Landscaping Diagrams).

Landscaping shall include the treatment of the ground surface with live materials such as grass, trees, shrubs, etc. A combination of xeriscape plantings and decorative surfacing such as bark chips, crushed stones, etc. shall also meet landscaping requirements. Landscaping shall be groomed, watered and visually free from insects and weeds. Landscaping shall be maintained to minimize property damage and public safety hazards, and may not obstruct street lighting, sidewalks and traffic sight distance requirements.
Approved Tree List

For the actual ordinance, see Landscaping Ordinance.


For all new residential construction, landscaping must be installed prior to occupancy. A grading inspection must be approved before landscaping is installed.

If weather (at the discretion of the City) does not permit for landscaping to be installed prior to occupancy, the City will require a cash bond to be posted in order to receive occupancy approval. Landscaping must then be installed within 6 months or by May 31st (whichever comes first). This bond is refunded upon final inspection approval. Bonds are not allowed unless weather prohibits installation – and – Building Official approval is granted. For more information on bond amounts and requirements, see Landscaping Notice.

Construction water does not include water for landscaping. At the time an inspector approves the landscaping, notice will be sent to the Water Department and the water jumper will be removed within 2-3 days. The water meter must be set at that time. Call the Water Department at (801) 446-5323 (see Water).

For other notices to Contractors, see Single Family Dwelling.

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