Yeti Hunt

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Yeti Hunt • December 2024

Ready to take an unpredictable trip around town utilizing your knowledge of Herriman? Throughout December, we partner with businesses to help you earn great prize packs by darting around Herriman in search of the Yeti.

The 9th rendition of the Herriman Yeti Hunt returns this December. More details at a future date.

How to participate in the yeti hunt:

Step 1 - Prize Basket Reveal

The day before the hunt, the prize basket participants will be playing for the next day will be revealed on social media. If you're the first one to find the yeti ornament during the hunt, you win the prize basket!

Yeti Hunt Prize Basket

Step 2 - Yeti Location Clue Revealed

On the day of the hunt, a photo clue of the Yeti's location will be revealed on social media. Use the clue to locate the Yeti ornament shown in the photo. The first one to find the ornament wins the prize basket! Not first? It's ok. Continue to step 3.

Yeti Hunt Ornament

Step 3 - Not first? Find the footprint for the chance to win!

If you are not the first one to find the Yeti, there's still a chance to win a prize! Locate the Yeti's footprint left behind at the location and follow the instructions attached to obtain prize drawing entries. This footprint will remain in place for 24 hours from the clue drop time. At the end of the Yeti Hunt, a prize drawing will be held giving away a variety of prizes to those who participated but were never the first ones to find Yeti.

Yeti footprint

Step 4 - Obtain Your Prize

Those who find the Yeti ornament to win a prize basket or those who win a raffle prize may obtain their winnings at City Hall by visiting the Events Department offices on the first floor at 5355 W Herriman Main Street during business hours.

The prize drawing will be streamed on Wednesday, December 20th.

*Note, if you win a prize basket during the hunt, you are not eligible to participate in the other hunts except for the final, multi-stage, hunt or to collect footprint prize drawing entries.

Yeti Hunt Winners


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