Crosswalk Roadway

Crosswalk Laws

Crosswalk Laws

When driving, it's important to be mindful of pedestrians and the type of crosswalks they are crossing. As a driver, each type of sidewalk should be treated differently.

School Zone Crosswalks - Typically marked by zebra-style striping, when at a school zone crosswalks a driver must stop and wait to let the pedestrian cross the entire crosswalk on both sides of the road before proceeding forward.

Standard Crosswalk - Typically marked by parallel solid line striping, when at a standard crosswalk a driver must stop and wait to let the pedestrian cross their side of the road before proceeding.

Additional notes for motorists:

• Motorists may not operate a vehicle within 3 feet of a pedestrian (41-6a-706.5)

• At a stop or yield sign, motorists must also yield to pedestrians in adjacent crosswalks (41-6a-902)

• Motorists cannot pass a vehicle that is stopped or yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk (41-6a-1002)

• Use caution! Many times pedestrians are not looking for oncoming traffic. (UCA 41-6a-1002)

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