Blackridge Neighborhood Parking Permit FAQs

Do I have to purchase a parking permit?

No, you do not have to purchase a parking permit. Residents and guests who utilize their driveway or garage for parking do not need to display a parking permit on their vehicles when parking on their property. However, residents who utilize the public street for parking will need to purchase a permit to park during the noted timeframe. If a vehicle is parked on the street in the designated parking permit area during the enforcement period and does not display the property parking permit, a parking citation may be issued.

What do the permits look like?

Based on the majority of residents requesting that a sticker not be used, the parking permits are designed to hang from your rearview mirror. This makes it easier to move the permit from one registered vehicle to the next, thus eliminating the need to purchase additional permits for all registered vehicles.

Where does the permit need to be placed in the vehicle?

It is required that the permit be hung from the rearview mirror with the information and permit number facing the front windshield.

Can anyone purchase a permit?

A resident permit is issued only to a resident or property owner in the boundary area of the parking permit program. The fee is $25.00/year for 2 residential permits and 1 guest permit. Each vehicle must be registered to the applicant, spouse, or dependent living at the address.

How do I get a permit?

You may apply for a permit at the Herriman City offices during the hours of 7:30am – 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Parking applications are also available online at under the parking permit tab.

How will the City enforce the Parking Permit regulations?

Enforcement is provided through the Herriman City Police Department. Violations for vehicles parked on the road without a permit may be reported to the HPD Dispatch by calling (801) 840-4000. Vehicles without a permit will be ticketed.

Why do I have to pay to park in my own neighborhood? Shouldn't my taxes cover that? Why can't I just park in front of my house?

The street is a right of way for any vehicle and is not private property. The space in front of your home cannot be claimed as your own. The permit zone was created at the request of the neighborhood and is not funded with taxes. The fee covers costs for administration, signage and enforcement. On-street parking is difficult even under the best conditions. Though it may be convenient to park in front of your home, public streets are intended for general use and not considered personal property. Though there are no perfect solutions, permit parking has been proven an effective tool for making parking a priority for residents in an impacted area.

Can I give my permit to someone else if I am not using it?

No. Permits are non-transferrable and cannot be given to another person. Should you do so, you will violate rules and regulations of the program and thereby risk revocation of your permit.

I don't want this program. Do I still need a permit?

No one is required to purchase a permit. Participation in the program is voluntary. The neighborhood chose to implement the program by a majority vote. As a result, all residents within this area must abide by the parking restriction. If you choose not to participate, you must obey the posted time limits in the area if you wish to park on the street and not receive a citation.

What if I move shortly after purchasing my permit and I don't need it any longer?

Permit fees are non-refundable.

What if I am having a special event/party at my house and am expecting several guests?

If you are having a special event and plan on guests parking in the street during parking enforcement periods, please contact the City offices at (801) 446-5323 and staff will assist you in making arrangements, at no charge, for a one-day temporary parking allowance. Please allow 48 hours for staff to prepare and notify public safety.