Blackridge Neighborhood Parking Permit FAQs

Do I have to purchase a parking permit?

No, you do not have to purchase a parking permit. Residents and guests who driveways or garages for parking do not need to display a parking permit on their vehicles. However, permit tags are needed for on-street parking. A vehicle parked on the street in the designated area between May 1 and September 7 may be cited.

What do the permits look like?

Permits are tags designed to hang from your vehicle's rear-view mirror.

Residential permit tag
Guest permit tag
Single Day Permit Tag
Construction Permit Tag

Where does the permit need to be placed in the vehicle?

The permit tag must be hung from the rearview mirror with the permit number facing the front windshield.

What if I am having a special event/party at my house and am expecting several guests?

If you are having a special event and plan on guests parking in the street during parking enforcement periods, please contact the City at 801-446-5323. Staff members will assist you in making arrangements, at no charge, for a one-day temporary parking allowance. Please allow 48 hours for staff to prepare and notify public safety.

Can anyone purchase a permit?

A residential permit is issued only to a resident or property owner in the boundary area of the parking permit program. Each household may have two residential permits and one guest permit. Each vehicle must be registered to the applicant, spouse, or dependent living at the address.

How do I get a permit?

Applications are available online here. Once approved, your permit will be mailed to your house.

How will the City enforce the parking permit regulations?

Enforcement is provided through the Herriman Police Department. Violations for vehicles parked on the road without a permit may be reported to police dispatch by calling 801-840-4000. Vehicles without a permit may be ticketed.

Can I give my permit to someone else if I am not using it?

No. Permits are non-transferrable. Owners of permits shared between vehicles risk revocation of your permit.

I don't want this program. Do I still need a permit?

Participation in the program is voluntary. However, because a majority of property owners petitioned to have a permit program, all residents within the designated area must abide by the parking restriction. On-street parking during enforcement times without a permit may result in citation.