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Blackridge Neighborhood

Blackridge Reservoir Parking Permits

Herriman City ordinance requires permits for on-street vehicle parking for the neighborhoods surrounding Blackridge Reservoir (shown in the map below) from May 1 through September 7. The intent of the program is to limit overflow parking from Blackridge Reservoir users onto public neighborhood streets. This permit program is available only to residents in the marked areas seen below.

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Parking Permits

Use the permit application button above to request one of these parking permits. Note that permits are only required for on-street parking—not cars in driveways.

Each household may receive:

  • 2 resident parking permits
  • 1 guest parking permit

Residential permit tag

Resident Parking Pass

Households may receive two of this pass type to hang from the rear-view mirror in their vehicles.

Guest permit tag

Guest Parking Pass 

Households may receive one of this pass type to hang from the rear-view mirror in a temporary house guest vehicle.

Single Day Permit Tag

Single Day Parking Pass

Residents may request this pass type to use for guest vehicles parked on the street for events such as parties or family gatherings.

Construction Permit Tag

Construction Parking Pass

Residents may request up to five of this pass type for vehicles used during home construction.

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