We Are Herriman: Youth Volunteers

Youth Volunteers

August 2020

A group of youth that originally volunteered at the Herriman Trails Cleanup Day was found going the extra mile the next week. This group took it upon themselves to walk along Midas Creek Trail picking up trash and debris. Chad Lanham, a City employee, crossed paths with the youth and gave them his contact information in order to coordinate the removal of their gatherings. The group left a lasting impression on Chad when he received a text from one of the boys that night asking where they could help out next. Austin Henderson, Alexander Hill, Ann Seo, and Benjamin Hill (pictured left to right) saw that more needed to be done and wanted to continue to give back to their community. One of them stated, “due to all the changes with COVID-19 we want to be outside doing something.” Additional cleanups were scheduled with the group. To date, they have completed seven trail cleanup efforts with an additional three on the calendar. With each job, they are recruiting more youth to get involved.

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