We Are Herriman: Herriman Residents

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We Are Herriman – Herriman Residents

March 2020

In the wake of a tragedy, our community came together and lifted each other and the Herriman Police Department. As news broke in the morning of February 14th, hours after K9 Hondo’s sacrifice, Sergeant Ricks’ K9 vehicle, parked in front of the city hall, was immediately and continually surrounded by flowers, heartfelt, empathetic messages, and tokens of memory, love, and support. In the days since, Herriman Police has continued to receive countless messages from our own, offering condolences, gifts, and service. Those most affected were carried by the arms of the Herriman community family.

“It may seem surprising in other communities for this type of a response, but for us, it’s not. We know that our community supports us…[and] is out there mourning and grieving with us.”
– Lt. Cody Stromberg, HPD press conference, Feb. 14th, 2020

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