Planning Commission Recap

PC Meeting 1-17-24


January 17, 2024 | General Meeting


  • 7-0 approving the minutes for Dec 20 Planning Commission meeting
  • 7-0 continuing a proposed amendment to the Herriman City Annexation Declaration Policy


General Meeting

Herriman City Annexation Declaration Policy

This item is communicating with the general public and any interested, affected amenities that the City is updating its Annexation Declaration Policy as required by state code. The City currently has a declaration annexation map. Some properties included in the map have recently annexed into South Jordan. The state's interest in having cities declare what their interests might be in future annexations would help coordinate and reduce overlapping declarations where possible. The map shows where there could be possible annexation areas. This is just showing what properties the City may have interest in annexing at some time in the future. This isn't an annexation request, it's a policy plan.  

There will be a public notice/public hearing on this proposal at future meetings, both Planning Commission and City Council. 

Current Annexation Declaration mapProposed Annexation Declaration map


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