We Are Herriman: Mayor J. Lynn Crane

J. Lynn Crane

We Are Herriman - Mayor J. Lynn Crane

July 2018 Herriman's incorporating, Mayor J. Lynn Crane, was nominated and selected as the 2018 Fort Herriman Towne Days Parade Grand Marshal. During the City Council meeting on June 20, City Manager Brett Wood presented Mayor Crane with the award, stating many reasons why he was chosen. "Working with and around him for 25 years, he held true to one main thought - 'What is the best for Herriman?' and he never wanted to shut the door on those wanting to come," stated Wood. Mayor Crane addressed the City Council stating that 20 years ago, those involved in creating the City never would have thought we would see what we see right now. Mayor Crane stated, "It has been a labor of love and a labor of service to see this community grow, to see the number of people that are so devoted and we continue to grow wisely. We may not always agree, but we can be kind, considerate and respectful in our disagreement...just because someone disagrees with us doesn't make them our enemy. [It] just means we have a different point of view, but we are still dealing with people." Mayor Crane ended it with a piece of advice for the Council: "In an urban environment, we want to stay as rural-minded as we can and create at least some kind of an attitude, impression or feeling that people feel as they drive through the community." On Saturday, June 23, 2018, Mayor Crane led the parade encapsulated by cheers and tears as he waved to the crowd. It was an honor for the City to have such a symbol of our heritage lead the way through our community. Mayor Crane will always have a special place in the hearts of our residents, and it seemed fitting to honor him in this manner.

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