Legislative Session Update

Utah State Capitol

February 10: 2022 Legislative Session Update

Herriman City is an active participant each year in the Utah state legislative session. The City tracks any bill that is of interest to municipalities and exercises its voice to help benefit Herriman.

To be voted on and enacted as law by the full legislature, a bill must be submitted and sponsored by a legislator, discussed, and pass related committees in the state house of representatives and senate. Several bills of the City’s interest are in varying stages of progress. Below are significant updates from the last week.

Bills passed by committees

House Bill (HB) 146: Food Truck Licensing Amendments

This bill prohibits cities from requiring a business license for food trucks if a business license has already been obtained in another city. It also modifies health and safety inspection requirements for food truck businesses.

HB 124: Forcible Entry Warrant Modifications

This bill requires law enforcement officers to wear clearly identifiable markings or clothing and to announce themselves more than once before forcibly entering a building while serving knock-and-announce and no-knock warrants. It also sets a preference that warrants be served during daytime hours and prohibits no-knock warrants for misdemeanor charges.

HB 242: Secondary Water Metering Amendments

This bill requires metering on pressurized secondary water. Herriman City already imposes secondary water metering.

HB 96: Government Records Fee Amendments

This bill allows government agencies to charge a fee for the first 15 minutes of work (current prohibited) to pull records if a requestor has already recently submitted a request. It does not pertain to members of the media who request a record for a story for the public. This bill is intended to mitigate vexatious records requestors.


Water conservation bills

With January 2022 being Utah’s third-driest January in history, water remains a top priority with conservation efforts at the top of the list. HB 121 would provide incentive to landowners who replace lawns with drought-resistant landscaping. It passed the House and is now moving on to the Senate for a vote. The City is also tracking Senate Bill (SB) 110, which would require water use and preservation to be included in the City’s general plan.


Other bills in progress this week

HB 151: Retail Facility Incentive Payment Amendments

HB 23: First Responder Mental Health Services Amendments

HB 182: Local Health Department Order Amendments

HB 185: Initiative and Referendum Amendments

HB 135: Open and Public Meeting Comment Requirements

HB 285: Open and Public Meetings Act Violations

HB 303: Downzoning Notice Amendments

SB 18: Election Modifications

SB 19: Election Revisions

SB 20: Property Tax Amendments

SB 140: Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Amendments


Bill drafts and updates can be found on the State’s website at le.utah.gov.


An update on the first several days of the session was provided on the Herrimanology podcast with Mayor Lorin Palmer and Assistant City Manager Tami Moody. Listen here.

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