Landscape Incentive Program


Water Conservation Incentives for Landscaping

Several incentives for water-efficient landscaping are available through Utah Waver Savers. As of March 15, 2024, all local water-efficiency incentives from various agencies and programs have been moved into a single Landscape Incentives Program through Water Savers.

A summary of the program:

  • Homeowners may receive $3 per square foot to replace an existing lawn area with water-wise landscaping (commercial and institutional properties may receive $2 per square foot).
    • Treebate add-on: Homeowners can receive $100 per tree for up to 5 trees when planted in conjunction with a turf conversion project.
  • Switch to Drip: Homeowners can receive $0.50 per square foot to convert planting beds watered with spray irrigation to drip irrigation.
  • Localscapes principles are encouraged as a best practice with the landscape incentive program.

See Utah Water Savers for more information or Landscape Incentive Program PDF. For water conservation tips, see our Water Conservation page.

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