Cloudy Water? It's Safe!

Four photos show cloudy-colored water caused by entrained air dissipating and changing to a normal color and texture over time.

Some Herriman residents have noticed a strange color in their drinking water, similar to the image provided. The discoloration is not harmful and is caused by entrained air in the water supply system. 

Entrained air happens from time to time in the water distribution system, especially during seasonal changes, resulting in cloudy or “milky”-colored water. The good news is that entrained air is safe to drink and poses no health risks.

The Water Department has identified the source of the air in one of our wells and has made adjustments to solve the issue. However, it may take a few days for the air to fully dissipate out of the city's water system. During this time, you may continue to see a cloudy color or a pulsating stream out of your shower heads.

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