City Council Recap


September 13, 2023 | General Meeting


  • 4-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes:
    • July 2023 monthly financial summary
    • City fund balance policy
    • City investment policy
    • Animal Services facility lease agreement amendment
    • Beer retailer license for Good 2 Go Stores
    • Restaurant license for Mountain Mike's Pizza
    • Letter of support and commitment to local funds match for FEMA grant application
    • MLM Holdings agreement amendment
  • 4-0 approving a zoning change for .72 acres at Main Street/6400 West from R-1-15 Residential to C-1 Commercial
  • 4-0 approving a re-nomination for Councilmember Ohrn to serve again on the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Board. (Councilmember Ohrn was not present at the meeting)
  • 4-0 approving cost sharing with the Jordan School District for temporary shuttles for Oak Leaf Elementary School students

General Meeting

Temporary school bus shuttle cost sharing

Due to unforeseen delays in the Main Street improvement project, Oak Leaf Elementary School students living near 7300 West and south of Main Street have an extremely long safe walk route to school until sidewalk work along the newly improved roadway is finished. To avoid students having to walk 3+ miles to school each way, the Jordan School District and Herriman City have agreed to split the cost of a temporary bus shuttle service for those students through December, when the new sidewalk is expected to be complete.

Zone change at Main Street/6400 West intersection

The owner of .72 acres at the intersection of Main Street and 6400 West requested a zone change from R-1-15 Residential to C-1 Commercial, which the City Council approved. Conditions of approval included prohibiting a gas station, parking lot, vehicle repair, or a transportation service.

Public comments

  • A resident expressed concern over the safety of a crosswalk on Rosecrest Road, explaining there have been several accidents and is worried a child may be hurt.

Work Meeting

Providence Hall performing arts center

Providence Hall charter school is proposing to partner with the Friends of Herriman and Herriman City to construct a performing arts venue on their campus. The facility concept includes about 400 seats as well as classrooms and a separate black box theater. The estimated cost is $6-8 million, of which the Friends of Herriman or the City would be asked to contribute at least $3 million. The Council noted they are supportive of the idea but that the City cannot afford to spend any of its budget on the facility. They encouraged Providence Hall to seek grants and work with the Friends of Herriman group to find donation opportunities.

Fiber network

The Council continued its ongoing discussion about the fiber network the City is partnering with Strata Networks to design. The cost and revenue models are still being fine-tuned, as well as bond parameters. November is the anticipated time that the plan will be presented and that a bond may be started. The Council discussed a variety of questions about the project as the design gets finalized, including financing options, benefit to the City and residents, and more. Information about the project can be found at

RV storage

The City has concerns—and has received numerous complaints—about excessive recreational vehicle storage on lots throughout the city and unauthorized commercial RV businesses in residential zones. The Planning Commission has reviewed the issue and recommended an ordinance amendment to the City Council. The City Council wishes to enforce against unauthorized space or vehicle rental while allowing property owners to park their own vehicles and trailers on their own property. The City will work on fine-tuning the ordinance amendment to adjust it to an appropriate level while allowing for enforceability. One possibility may be to have a maximum limit with exceptions for the City to consider allowing in certain cases. The item will be brought back in future meetings.

Title 7 amendments regarding property encroachments

There are several places around the city where residents have built landscaping or structures on City-owned property. The Council was agreeable to a draft update to the City code to clarify property encroachment issues and enforcement. The ordinance will be presented for adoption in a future meeting.


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