City Council Recap


May 8, 2024 | General Meeting



  • 5-0 approving master fee schedule changes
  • 5-0 approving conceptual parks and trails draft projects
  • *5-0 approving the tentative budget for fiscal years ending June 2025 and June 2026
  • 5-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the following:
    • City Council meeting minutes for April 24, 2024
    • Monthly status report acknowledgement 

*While separate entities from the City Council, the evening also included approval votes for tentative budgets for the Community Development and Renewal Agency, Herriman City Fire Service Area, and Herriman City Safety Enforcement Area (law enforcement services). The vote approving the tentative budget for all three entities was 5-0. 


General Meeting

Tentative City budget adoption for fiscal years 2025/2026 (public hearing)
The council adopted the tentative budget for the upcoming fiscal years. The tentative budget is the City's official proposal to residents before it is finally approved in June. The budget document can be found at The City is making focused efforts (even more than previous years) to conservatively project revenues and reduce expenses. The next two years also feature an increased percentage of the budget going toward capital improvement projects like roads and park improvements.

The Council emphasized that property taxes paid to the City (excluding police and fire services) is a small fraction of overall taxes paid. About a quarter of property taxes go to police and fire, while the rest are out of the City's control and go to the Jordan School District, Salt Lake County, water districts, and others.

Park projects public hearing
A public hearing focused on proposals for several trail projects, including the Juniper Canyon asphalt trail, Midas Creek trail extension, Blackridge hiking trail, Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Stampede trails, and Hidden Oaks open space phase 1. Information on each of the projects can be found on

One resident, who serves as the chair of the Friends of Herriman Trails Committee, expressed support for all the projects and encourages the City to continue its efforts to expanding and improving the trail system

Another resident also expressed support and asked if the City is considering restroom facilities (the City is, but most are only conceptual at this point)

City Council comments

  • The City Council held a moment of silence in honor of Sergeant Bill Hooser of the Santaquin Police Department, who lost his life this past week in the line of duty. The Council added comments acknowledging the tragedy and honored his sacrifice and the bravery of all law enforcement and fire personnel.
  • Councilmember Henderson relayed a sentiment from a friend and neighbor complimenting the operations of all of Herriman City's staff
  • Councilmember Hodges commended the Friends of Herriman, community members, and the City's staff for a successful Health and Safetypalooza event last weekend.
  • Mayor Palmer noted the successful recent fundraiser event for the Friends of Herriman Trails Committee
  • Mayor Palmer and Councilmember Hodges also commended City staff members for D.A.R.E. graduations and Arbor Day presentations in local elementary schools. They also noted a recent teacher appreciation luncheon and gave a shout-out to educators in our community.

Public comments

  • A resident commented regarding the tentative City budget and asked the City to more clearly identify a few items in the budget document, such as police fine revenue, debt obligations, employee wages vs. benefits, and a few others.

City Council board and committee reports

  • Councilmember Henderson, representing the Unified Fire Authority board, noted a lengthy budget committee meeting and that UFA has done an effective job reducing increases to costs as much as possible. However, the vast majority of UFA's budget is personnel costs, and he acknowledged it's important for UFA to maintain competitive salaries and benefits to have a full staff of firefighters.
  • Councilmember Hodges, representing the South Valley Sewer District board, mentioned there will be upcoming finance-related meeting. 

Master fee schedule amendment (public hearing)
A public hearing was held to discuss proposed amendments to the City’s master fee schedule. Key changes aim to adjust fees to better reflect the costs of services provided by the City. The public hearing opened and closed without comment.


Work Meeting

Public Safety budget

As part of the budget drafting process, the Council is discussing the budget requests for City departments. In this meeting, they reviewed the Public Safety budget, which includes Police, Animal Services, and Community Services. Discussions centered on the importance of new equipment to enhance police operational efficiency and ensure community safety. The Council also debated the potential future need for an armored vehicle, weighing the fiscal responsibility against the necessity to provide adequate safety measures for officers and the community. The Council highlighted the need for strategic financial planning to address inflation and accommodate city growth, without imposing undue tax increases on residents.

Streetlight banner program and external printing services
The Council discussed the city's street banner program. Concerns were raised about the costs associated with the program, particularly in relation to the deployment of banners along certain streets which require additional safety measures. The Council suggested a potential policy of allowing requests from governmental/public organizations only (like schools), increasing fees to fully pay for the City's costs to install (about $100 per pole), and requiring a time limit. Further evaluation is needed to balance community interest with safety, legal, and financial implications.

Additionally, the Council decided to cease printing services offered by the City for external requests.

Property encroachment enforcement update
City staff provided a description of the property encroachment enforcement process and an update on efforts and to address property encroachments. Out of 84 cases noted, 17 have been resolved, with ongoing legal proceedings for others. The focus remains on working with property owners towards compliance. Efforts are supported by updated software tools for better case management. 

Utah Legislature 2024 interim schedule and items
The Council reviewed upcoming legislative interim sessions, identifying topics of significant impact to the city, such as housing, sales tax changes, impact fees, and conditional land use ordinances.




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