City Council Recap

Herriman Police Department Badge Pinning - 4-10-24

April 10, 2024 | General Meeting


  • 5-0 approving the Stillman Well rehabilitation project
  • 5-0 approving a trail connection project as part of the Park House Pond improvement
  • 5-0 approving a zoning change for property near 6400 West and 13400 South from A-1-43 to R-1-10 and A-1-10
  • 5-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes accounting of recent change orders on City projects


General Meeting

Herriman Police Badge Ceremony

Officers and staff new to the Herriman Police Department in recent months were individually highlighted and presented with a badge in a periodic ceremony at the Council meeting. Each officer and staff member had a badge pinned on their uniform by a family member or friend. In addition to new officers, several officers who have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant were similarly honored.

 Herriman Police Department Badge Pinning - 4-10-24

Stillman Well rehabilitation

One of the City's wells in central Herriman has experienced reduced capacity in the last year or so. Some work is needed by a contractor to restore it to its proper capacity. The full project takes about 4.5 months, but the well is needed for summer demand, so it will be done in two phases—the first to be completed before peak demand, and the second during the fall and winter when the well can be shut down without affecting the City's water supply. The project's cost is $808,605. 

Trail connection approval

The City is nearing completion on a project to convert a stormwater retention pond in eastern Herriman to a detention pond. The project's costs have been under its budget. The Council approved a proposal to connect two section of asphalt trail near the project using leftover project funds. The trail connection's cost will be about $31,000.

Zoning change

A property owner proposed rezoning about 7 acres of property near 6400 West and 13400 South. The area has two existing homes on part of it and 11 homes planned in a future subdivision. The City Council wants to ensure the future subdivision rezone would maintain the character of the surrounding neighborhoods. The rezone was approved but a zoning condition was placed so that no more than 11 lots may be developed into homes in the future planned subdivision and all 11 lots must be at least about a third of an acre.

Public comments

  • Concern about density of the rezone item, asking for a density within the character of the surrounding neighborhood
  • Appreciation for Mayor Palmer and proposal for June 9 National Kids Day event

City Council board and committee reports

  • Councilmember Henderson, representing the Unified Fire Authority board, noted recent progress on UFA's budget process and that UFA member fees (what the City pays UFA for services) is expected to increase about 5%, a reduction from initial expectations.
  • Councilmember Hodges noted recent interviews with youth community members for the City's annual Thomas Butterfield Scholarship, which will be awarded in coming weeks.
  • Councilmember Shields, representing the Mosquito Abatement District board, noted that the district is anticipating a heavy mosquito year with the state's abundant precipitation. Standing bodies of water attract mosquitos. The district has ordered extra materials and he noted that the district provides services by request to residents as part of their property taxes.
  • Mayor Palmer noted a recent meeting about transit in the southwest part of Salt Lake County to try to set a vision for the future based on the area's needs. Multiple meetings will be needed to establish a clear vision or any concrete plans.


Work Meeting

Department budget requests: Parks, Recreation, and Events

As part of the budget drafting process, the Council is discussing the budget requests for City departments. In this meeting, they reviewed the Parks, Recreation, and Events department budgets. There are some operational increases as well as new employee requests. As with other departments citywide, no new employee hires will be recommended by the City Manager in the final budget proposal to the City Council.

Discussion over next decade issues

The Council had a broad discussion about issues to consider that affect the community over the next 10 years. Items include everything from the City's finances, public engagement, transportation infrastructure, data organization, staffing, federal and state policy's effects on the City, economic development, and so forth. This discussion will be a long-term recurring discussion about a high-level view of issues to keep in mind as the City moves into the future.




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