City Council Recap


February 9, 2022 | General Meeting


  • 5-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the minutes from the January 12, 2022 City Council meeting


General Meeting

Landscape standards

The City's current landscaping design standards require 75% ground coverage of plant material. Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, from whom Herriman receives a large portion of its water, recommends 50% coverage. The Council would like City staff to explore the City requirement and if it should be amended. Some legislative bills currently in progress, such as House Bill 282, may influence the City’s standards.

Elementary school safe walk route

A permanent Safe Walking Route for the new elementary school in the Hidden Oaks development will not be ready for the coming school year due to construction on Main Street. The Council discussed potential options for the coming school year to provide the required Safe Walk Route in the meantime. Much of a proposed path will eventually become a permanent trail. The Council will continue to discuss the item and work with the Jordan School District on the best solution. 

Auto mall development rezone applications

Herriman 73 Partners, who the City has been working with for the auto mall district, has requested a rezone of some properties. The Council discussed whether to proceed with those applications individually or hold them until the larger auto mall project master development agreement and other elements are altogether ready for voting.

Public comment

  • The new government affairs representative from Rio Tinto introduced herself to the City Council 

City Council board and committee reports

Councilmember Shields, reporting from the Association of Municipal Councils board, noted a recent presentation with an expert on municipal broadband development. Councilmember Shields feels it's clear that broadband needs to be viewed as a key utility as power, water, and sewer. The City currently has a task force over broadband infrastructure, which will present in coming months.

Councilmember Hodges, reporting from the Veterans and Military Advisory Committee, noted the first meeting of the year and that preparations are being made for the Memorial Day ceremony.

Mayor Palmer noted the first meeting of the Friends of Herriman Parks, Trails, and Culture non-profit board and expressed excitement for the future of the group. He also noted meetings with legislators and the Southwest Mayors Caucus. He encouraged the Council and residents to reach out to legislators expressing concern over SB 181, which is expected to be submitted soon.

Councilmember Ohrn described a recent day at the Capitol with the Herriman Youth Council, who met and spoke with with Representative Candice Pierucci. 

Councilmember Ohrn, reporting from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District board, noted several legislative bills that affect water and water conservation.


Work Meeting

Accessory building regulations

The Council continued its discussion of accessory building standards. Since the last discussion, the draft ordinance has been updated to allow more flexibility for agricultural structures, place corner lots into the "special exception" process and amend setback requirements. The Council generally agreed to the current draft but wants to allow galvanized metal for agricultural buildings.

South Hills rezone

The developer of the South Hills area of the city is proposing a change in land use for two properties. The current land use is commercial (about two-thirds) and mixed-use (about a third). The proposal is to change one corner of the area to high-density residential (about 10% of the total area) and the rest to commercial. The rezone would reduce the geographical footprint of residential development (by concentrating the approved residential units to one area) and increase commercial area. The Council was generally agreeable to the change. However, a concern was expressed that the master development agreement for the area has an ability to add land to an existing agreement without City approval, and the Council discussed requesting that the clause be removed from the agreement.

Meeting agenda, packet, and video

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