City Council Recap


December 14, 2022 | General Meeting


  • 4-0 approving a meeting time change for the Planning Commission to 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • 4-0 approving a text change to City code regarding trails on steep slopes
  • 4-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the following:
    • 2023 meeting schedule
    • Monthly financial summary for October 2022
    • Appointment of Planning Commission member and two alternates
    • Extension of City's fourth amendment to repurchase agreement with Game Pointe Properties
    • Extension of contract with Axon Enterprise, Inc.
    • Meeting minutes for September 28th; October 12th, 19th, and 26th; and November 9th


Work Meeting

Boards and Committees

The City Council began a discussion about transitioning Council-appointed committees such as the Arts Council, Off-Highway Vehicle Committee, Veterans and Military Advisory Committee, etc. out from under the City's supervision and budget and instead to the new non-profit group Friends of Herriman. The Council understands that there is some apprehension from members of the various committees but is generally supportive of moving the supervision of those committees as planned. One of the benefits the Council discussed was the potential for more efficiency in budgetary decisions, more opportunity for fundraising, and the reduction of City staff time required to operate the committees. The discussion will continue in a meeting after the new year.

Corridor Preservation Fund

The Council of Governments awards money each year to preserve future roadway corridors based on applications from cities. Money must be used to purchase public right-of-way from private property owners. The Council identified three projects to apply for funding, including portions of 13400 South, 6000 West, and 7300 West.

Main Street Widening

The City has a bid out for widening and improving the western section of Main Street. The Council and staff discussed its approach for responding to bidding companies over the next few weeks as estimates come in before the next Council meeting in January.

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