City Council Recap


November 10, 2021 | General Meeting


  • 4-0 approving the extension of tax increment incentives for two years in various economic development areas
  • 4-0 approving an agreement with Unified Fire Authority for seismic upgrades to Station 103
  • 5-0 approving reimbursement agreement for Ivory Homes (8.1)
  • 4-1 denying the vacation of a horse trail easement in the Hamilton Farms subdivision. (8.2)
  • 5-0 approving reimbursement agreement with South Valley Sewer District (8.3)
  • 5-0 approving reimbursement agreement with Rocky Mountain Power (8.4)
  • 5-0 approving Hamilton Well repair and redevelopment proposal
  • 5-0 approving multiple reimbursement agreements with Sky Haven and Reserves at Sky Ranch subdivisions
  • 4-0 closing the public hearing for a budget amendment
  • 4-1 approving a budget amendment, which includes the expenditures involved in various projects and reimbursement agreements

General Meeting

Horse Trail Easement

The City Council had a lengthy discussion about the horse trail easement. A public hearing on the item closed in the previous meeting. The Council voted 4-1 to deny the request for the City to vacate the easement. However, the City will be focusing more on maintaining the area more regularly and has recently hired additional staff to maintain the City's 50 miles of trails.

City Council Board and Committee Reports

Councilmember Smith, reporting from the South Valley Sewer District board, noted an upcoming budget hearing on November 23rd at 6:00 p.m. He commended the district for exceptional budgeting and added it is on track to be completely out of debt within five years. 

Councilmember Shields, reporting from the Mosquito Abatement District board, noted that district is reviewing the upcoming budget as well. The director turned down a board-suggested maximum raise. Councilmember Shields also noted that the positivity rate for West Nile Virus four years ago was 4%, and this year was 7%. However, despite the increased rate, the mosquito populations were lower because of the drought-induced dry conditions, thereby preventing a higher spread of the virus.

Public Comment

  • An HOA management company employee requested the City have more urgency HOA TruePoint Management commented requested more urgency in dealing with a property matter relating to a parking issue
  • A resident commented regarding the horse trail easement, asking the City to vacate it, and if the City denies the vacation, asking what the maintenance plans are going forward
  • Comment against design standards for accessory structures, citing property owner rights

Work Meeting

Traffic Committee

A City staff engineer discussed standard procedures to see if/how any traffic and pedestrian safety mitigation devices are warranted. He noted the City's Traffic Committee has seen about 60 concerns submitted so far in 2021 compared to 102 in 2019. Typical discussion items include speeding, crosswalks, pedestrian safety, visibility, traffic signal requests, and traffic patterns. The City will work to create educational materials to the public to increase awareness of the committee and what mitigation measures are available.

Meeting agenda and video

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