City Council Recap - 10-28-20


General Meeting


4-1 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the following:
1) September 9, 2020 City Council meeting minutes
2) Monthly financial summary
3) Official addition of fees related to small cell wireless facilities and Public Infrastructure Districts in the City’s master fee schedule
4) Employment contract for Wendy Thomas as interim city manager

Councilmember Henderson, who was the dissenting vote, commented it was against item 4, and only because he was not present during the closed-door session during the last City Council meeting when the item was discussed. He noted he is not necessarily against the decision to appoint Thomas.

5-0 to continue a discussion about a City code text change proposal and the approval of a Village Mixed Use Overlay Zone to regulate signage within the Academy Village development.

5-0 to continue a discussion of a resolution to amend the Wasatch South Hills master development agreement.


Herriman Police Report
Herriman Police Chief Troy Carr provided a summary of the officer-involved critical incident that occurred late Tuesday night, October 27th (see video link below).

Youth Council Swearing-In
Several of Herriman’s youth convened on the front steps of the City Hall to be sworn in as members of this year’s Youth Council. Councilmember Ohrn remarked that we have exceptional youth in our community, but these “are exceptional, exceptional youth.” The Youth Council volunteers time to serve the community throughout the year in various ways, as well as takes time to learn about municipal and other levels of government.

Victim Services Report
Christie Morgan, of Herriman Police Victim Services, gave a semi-annual report.
Domestic violence has been increasing in Herriman and many other communities during the coronavirus pandemic. Victim Services has helped 302 victims since January. 192 are female.
123 domestic violence victims were served between Oct 2018-Sept 2019, while 137 have been served in the most recent six months alone. The number of domestic violence incidents and victims have increased, reflective partly of COVID-19, as well as victims being on the case load longer with slower court processes.

Morgan noted that HPD takes a minimum of two officers to response to calls. They are equally dedicated on both criminal and non-criminal to get victims connected to proper resources and care. She was complimentary of HPD officers and how good they are to work with. She really appreciates HPD’s commitment to providing a local connection for victims. Victim Services units often have opportunities to resource out, but HPD does all it can to work with community partners to give local help to local victims.

South Hills Amendment to Master Development Agreement
After a lengthy discussion, the Council directed staff to adjust the proposed language in the amendment to the master development agreement to make sure the project can be balanced between the existing development agreement (from 2008) and the current wishes of residents against high density housing.

Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling Budget
Councilmember Ohrn, reporting from the Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling Board, noted that WFWRD has passed its tentative budget. A public hearing will be held in December. A change in the area cleanup program—due to COVID-19 restrictions—resulted in significant cost savings. WFWRD intends to keep the same format for the area cleanup going forward as it was successful and saves money.

Other notes
Councilmember Shields read a letter from resident, who paid a compliment to Interim City Manager Wendy Thomas for her prompt response during off hours and offer meetings to try to help address the resident’s concern.

Councilmember Henderson reported that the Unified Fire Service Area board approved unanimously Herriman City’s request to form the new Herriman City Fire Service Area taxing district early.


Work Meeting

ACUB Update
The Army Compatible Use Buffer Zone (ACUB) allows for open space to be preserved along Herriman’s southern boundary, adjacent to Camp Williams. This open space provides a buffer area for maximum safety near the military base and preserves recreation space. It also protects and preserves space for the military to safely conduct training. The City continues to work with Camp Williams leadership and the federal government to obtain funding to continue the effort of ACUB property acquisition.

Stormwater Public Outreach
As part of State requirements for stormwater systems, Salt Lake County and Herriman City are required to provide public outreach and education regarding stormwater pollution. The City has joined with others in recent years in the Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition. After staff studied cost effectiveness, the City Council directed staff to pursue an updated agreement to continue partnering with the Stormwater Coalition.

Auto Mall Financing
Discussion about possible financing structures to develop the Auto Mall Special District area in the northeast end of the City. The City Council has created a City Public Infrastructure District policy, in part, for the developer to use in negotiations with potential auto mall parties. The Council discussed whether to make the move to accept an official letter of intent from the developer to create a PID to help lure auto dealerships to the area. The major concern discussed was not wanting to incumber a piece of land with a long-term tax before progressing more down the road toward a realized auto mall project. The Council asked the City Attorney to research potential options to reduce the City’s long-term liability. The City Attorney will prepare a memo outlining potential circumstances.

Athlos Academy Bond Proposal
The City received a request to do a bond for Athlos Academy to help them lower their lease payment costs to the owner of the building that they operate from. The City Council has no interest at this time in doing a bond for a third party.

City Manager Job Description Discussion
The City Council directed staff to research and pursue a recruiting agency to assist with the process of hiring a city manager.


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