City Council Recap


January 12, 2022 | General Meeting


  • 5-0 approving a request for the Sky Ridge Townhomes HOA to deed a strip of City property to the HOA, conditional on the construction of parking stalls on the property
  • 5-0 approving zoning changes for a 7.1-acre property (agricultural to residential) and a 2.7-acre property (agricultural to commercial)
  • 5-0 approving a construction contract for the Juniper Canyon Recreation Area phase 1
  • 5-0 approving the formation of working groups for pending/proposed master development agreements
  • 5-0 approving an encroachment on City property of grading changes stemming from an expansion of Providence Hall Elementary School due to the construction of a track and field
  • 5-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the following:
    • City Council meeting minutes for Aug 25, Sept 8, Sept 22, Sept 29, Oct 27, Dec 8
    • Interlocal agreement with Salt Lake County for the reimbursement of $1.1M for Juniper Canyon Recreation Area phase 1
    • Modified roadway cross section at Springbok Drive
    • Design contract for Jackson and Teton Parks
    • Design contract for Main Street roadway improvements
    • Startup advisory board for the Friends of Herriman Parks, Trails, and Culture
  • 5-0 approving a change to the Mayor's salary. This is a restoration of the previous salary of $24,000 that was reduced in 2018 to $14,500
  • 5-0 directing staff to return with a revocable permit for an encroachment on City property next to Providence Hall Elementary School

General Meeting

Sky Ridge Townhomes HOA

The Council granted the Sky Ridge HOA permission to construct parking spaces on a strip of City property at the southern end of the neighborhood.

Financial audit

A representative from the independent firm Hinton Burdick presented the annual audit of Herriman City's financial reporting. Once again, the findings showed clean reporting, for which the City was commended. It was also noted that the City scored very well on a fraud risk assessment.

Public hearing

A public hearing was opened and closed without comment regarding the adjustment of the mayor's compensation. In previous years, the Council had reduced the compensation amount from $24,000 annually to $14,500. This hearing was proposing raising the amount back to $24,000.

Public comment

  • One resident expressed frustration over a lack of progress regarding accessory structure standards
  • Another resident asked the Council to approve the Sky Ridge Townhomes HOA constructing parking stalls on a section of City property (an item later in the meeting) 

City Council board and committee reports

Councilmember Ohrn, reporting from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District board, noted a recent meeting among the Colorado River Water Users Association. Despite recent strong precipitation in October and December, the state's drought conditions are still severe. She again encouraged the installation of drought-tolerant landscaping and continued good water conservation habits. 

Councilmember Henderson, reporting from the Unified Fire Authority board, noted a recent finance committee meeting which projected a 5.5% increase in member costs. Herriman City (rather than individual residents) is a member and costs will be paid from the Herriman City Fire Service Area.

Councilmember Shields noted he is currently serving as chair of the Association of Municipal Councils.

Mayor Palmer reported on various recent meetings introducing himself to various significant stakeholders in and around Herriman.

Bowler development rezone

The Council approved a request to rezone a property of 7.1 acres from A-.50 and A-.25 (agricultural residential) to R-1-10 (residential) and another property of 2.7 acres from A-.25 to C-2 (commercial).

MDA working groups

The Council approved the formation of working groups to discuss pending and proposed master development agreements (MDAs). The City started this approach to maximize transparency and collaboration in 2021 during the annexation process of the Olympia development and the formation of its MDA, which took place over a period of several months. The Council favors this approach and will enact it with current proposed MDAs regarding the Auto Mall district and Laguna and Malibu development projects. In these working groups, representatives from various City departments, City Councilmembers, and representatives from the development team meet for formal meetings with discussion summaries and relevant documents published on the City's website afterward.


Work Meeting

ARPA funding priorities

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) that was passed in March 2021 will provide Herriman City with approximately $4.8 million to be used toward projects or programs with specific criteria. The City must decide how to use these funds by January 31, 2022. The options discussed by the Council were:

  1. $105,000 payment to Unified Fire Authority for COVID-19-related expenses
  2. Several stormwater detention pond improvements totalling about $1.4 million*
  3. A sewer line project in the northwest end of Herriman at approximately $2 million
  4. Other qualifying stormwater-related projects to be determined by the next meeting

*The South Valley Sewer District already has the sewer line budgeted in their own project list, so the Council tentatively included the item in the City's ARPA project list to allow the project to be expedited and then reimbursed by the Sewer District. If the Council can't secure a reimbursement agreement from the Sewer District, another project will be considered.

City Council redistricting

With the completion of the 2020 U.S. Census, the City must re-align its boundaries for City Council districts throughout the City. A map was proposed that includes roughly equal distribution of population through each of the four districts. The Council approved the map as a starting point for the public redistricting process.

2023-2024 revenue estimates

The City's Finance Manager presented projections of City revenues through the end of fiscal year 2022 as well as FY 2023 and FY 2024. The City's fiscal year spans from July 1 - June 30. Each of the City's revenue sources continue to grow and all are projected to increase as the City and its economic development base continue to expand.

Planning Commission appointment

With the election of former Planning Commissioner Lorin Palmer to the office of Mayor, the Council discussed appointing an alternate Commissioner to fill the vacant full-time Commissioner seat. The Council recommended Heather Garcia as the new full-time Commissioner. A formal appointment will be made in a future general meeting.

Mayor Pro Tempore, board, and committee assignments

The Council discussed which members will serve on various City committees and regional boards and commissions. The full list can be found at A mayor pro tempore will be nominated on a meeting-by-meeting basis as necessary.

Accessory structure regulations

The Council discussed a consolidation of accessory structure regulations—currently in various places of City code—a several text amendments, and the adoption of a single "special exception" process. The item will return in at least one future work meeting before potential adoption in a general meeting.

Meeting agenda and video

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