City Council Recap

City Council Recognizes Michelle Baguley, Raquel DeLuca

July 13, 2022 | General Meeting 


  • 4-0 approving the Salt Lake County Butterfield Canyon Trails and Trailhead project
  • 4-0 approving the updated General Plan, including pending minor technical corrections and two amendments to the Future Land Use Map and corresponding tables/text
  • 4-0 approving vacating drainage easements on parcels in Hamilton Farms
  • 4-0 approving abandonment of right-of-way for two properties (5700 W. Main Street and 13000 S. 5800 W.)
  • 4-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the following:
    • Bylaws of the Diversity Inclusion Advisory Board
    • City Council policy governing when councilmembers standing for election can represent the City
    • Monthly financial summary
    • Appointment of three Planning Commission members for an additional three-year term
    • Local consent for a liquor license for Gold Fish Bistro (5514 W 13400 S)
    • Special City Council meeting minutes for June 13 and June 23
  • 4-0 approving the creation of a Major Corridor Sign Overlay zone
  • 4-0 approving a zone change to add the Major Corridor Sign Overlay zone to properties fronting Mountain View Corridor, Redwood Road, and Porter Rockwell Blvd
  • 4-0 continuing a discussion for a resolution supporting a U-111/12600 South alignment 

General Meeting

City Council recognitions

The Council formally recognized Fort Herriman Towne Days parade grand marshals Michelle Baguley and Raquel DeLuca. Each have dedicated many years of service for Herriman, including various boards and committees, activity in the community, and serving on the incorporating Herriman City Council in 1999.

Public comment

  • One resident asked the City Council to consider allowing limited uses for golf carts around the city (currently prohibited)

City Council board and committee reports

  • Members of the Youth Council reported on their Legacy Projects, including weeding a rock strip and a donation drive for feminine hygiene products
  • Councilmember Hodges, representing the South Valley Sewer District board, noted a recent finance/budget discussion and that the SVSD is not raising rates or taxes this year
  • Mayor Palmer reported a recent meeting with Representative Burgess Owens with City staff members. Rep. Owens said his team is working on funding for a water project and the outlook is promising
  • Mayor Palmer expressed appreciation for efforts that went into the City's partnership with the recent Collegiate Rugby Shield, especially to Assistant City Manager Wendy Thomas

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District property tax raise

Councilmember Sherrie Ohrn, representing the JVWCD board, reported a proposed 7.8% property tax rate raise for the district in the coming year. The raise would represent an increase of about $7.64 for a $604,000-valued property per year. A Truth-in-Taxation public hearing will be at 6:00 p.m. on August 10th at the district offices in West Jordan. 

Victim Services annual presentation

The Herriman Police Victim Advocate gave a report of the Victim Services unit of HPD. The Victim Advocate is assisting 272 victims of crime. 180 cases this year are of domestic violence, 46 of which included strangulation (an increase and a concerning trend). The Victim Advocate assists crime victims in finding resources, attending court hearings, plan for victim safety, and other services.

Salt Lake County trails plan (public hearing)

Salt Lake County presented plans for trails Butterfield, Rose, and Yellow Fork Canyons. A trailhead will be constructed within the recently annexed Olympia development in northwest Herriman. The public hearing opened and closed without comment and the Council approved the project.

Right-of-way abandonment (public hearing)

The Council heard an application for the City to abandon right-of-way for two properties near Main Street and 13000 South. Area residents and a development partner expressed united support for the City to abandon the ROW. The Council approved the items.

General plan (public hearing)

An overview of the final draft of the General Plan was presented for approval. During the public hearing, one person representing several hundred acres of property in the southeast of the city requested the area be changed to the Planned Community designation. The Council declined this request but noted that the General Plan can be amended when it makes sense as an application is submitted, discussed, and voted on.

Following the hearing, the City Council approved the new General Plan update and authorized the City's staff to make minor technical corrections, such as spelling, grammar, and formatting, prior to publication. The Council also amended the draft Future Land Use Map and associated information to (1) assign the Forest Recreation land use category to approximately 307 acres of undeveloped land in the southeast quadrant of the City and (2) add land use categories recommended by the Planning Commission to property adjacent to the northwest quadrant of the City to communicate the intentions, ideas, and vision for future annexation areas.

Major Corridor Sign Overlay zone

This new zone governs types, sizes, and other factors for signage along major roadways like Mountain View Corridor, Redwood Road, and Porter Rockwell Blvd. Signs along big corridors have unique opportunities to capture drivers' attention for major commercial developments.

U-111 realignment

The Utah Department of Transportation is working through options for the realignment of State Route 111 (U-111 or Bacchus Highway). The Council discussed a few of the options to consider a resolution expressing the City's support for one of the options. After a lengthy conversation, the item was continued to a future meeting and will be discussed further later. 

Work Meeting

Creek Ridge MDA

Edge Homes requested a minor amendment to the master development agreement in the Creek Ridge subdivision to allow rear decks and patios to encroach further into specific property setbacks. Some homebuyers have asked for a larger deck option than a 4'x4' landing. There was a concern expressed by the Council about granting an unnecessary exception in a foreseeable situation. The applicant will provide renderings in coming days at the Council's request. 

Internet survey

The Council would like the City to publish a formal Request for Proposal to find the best possible partner in providing broadband internet infrastructure to each home and business in the City. The Council is still debating whether to use a opt-in, opt-out, or a universal utility model. 

Auto Mall

A special City Council work meeting will be scheduled for August 3rd to discuss the Auto Mall with the development partner. This will be held after the Herriman City Fire Service Area Truth in Taxation meeting, which takes place at 6:00 p.m. 

Work meeting video

General meeting video

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