Citizen Valor Award Recipients


During the February 23rd, 2022 City Council meeting, the Herriman Police Department and the Council awarded Nicole Petersen and Michelle and Stephen Olson with the Citizen Valor Awards.

Nicole Petersen - On January 14, 2022, officers were called to the Cove Pond where a dog was spotted having fallen through the ice. Officers were able to get a rope on the dog, but the rope only pulled the dog further under the ice. Nicole observed what was going on and stopped to help. Nicole told the officers that she specializes in cold therapy and was willing to enter the water. Officers asked her to wait so they could try to pull the dog out with a net but when that failed, Nicole immediately crawled out onto the thin ice. While holding onto the rope, the ice gave way and Nicole went into the water but was still able to grab the dog. The officers were then able to pull Nicole and the dog out of the water. We would like to commend Nicole for her actions and selfless response to a dangerous and dynamic situation.

Michelle and Stephen Olson - On January 13, 2022, Michelle and Stephen were driving through a neighborhood when they observed thick black smoke billowing out of the garage of a residence. Recognizing the immediate danger, they turned around and went back to the house. Not knowing if the house was occupied, they attempted contact at the front door. The homeowner and his family were in the basement and unaware of the danger they were in. Michelle and Stephen alerted them to the fire, so the occupants were able to safely get out. Michelle contacted 911 to have the fire department respond. Stephen, a full-time fire fighter with Murray City, gave Michelle valuable information about the hydrant location and a description of what was occurring to aid the incoming fire department units. When the Unified Fire Authority arrived, Stephen assisted with prepping the hydrant and helping with the hoses. The actions taken than day by Michelle and Stephen without a doubt saved the family's lives and prevented a great tragedy. We commend them for their quick actions and selfless response to a dangerous and dynamic situation.

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