All West Fiber-Optic Network


All West Communications Fiber Network

All West Communications has been approved for land disturbance permits to install fiber-optic network cable in public right-of-way. One phase application (HSA001) has been completed. The next phase application has been approved (indicated on the map as HSA003, HSA005, HSA006 and HSA008) and several more are under review.

Questions or concerns should be directed to the project manager, Talisha Bryan, at 385-910-6179.

Citywide, City-owned Fiber Network

Please note this is not the citywide publicly-owned fiber-optic network you may have heard about. Current information about the City-owned utility network can be found at But for a short update—in Wednesday's City Council meeting, the Council was presented with an updated design and financial model for the City-owned network. These most recent financial estimates show a significantly higher bond interest rate, overall cost, and required minimum subscription rate than earlier projections showed. As the City continues to look into the best financing mechanism, it will monitor the market's interest rates and update cost projections in coming months.

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