Resolution R42-2017 certifying the canvass of the 2017 Municipal General Election was passed on November 21, 2017.


David Watts

David Watts


David Watts

14461 S. Windom Road

Herriman, UT 84096

(385) 351-4268

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David Watts has lived in Herriman for over 6 years. He became involved with the city after organizing his community to fight against the proposed increase in the density of homes in his neighborhood. David organized several hundred homeowners to stand against the proposed changes, resulting in the reduction of the total number of homes as well as the addition of 2 parks and two Tot Lots in his community.

During this process, David discovered that the best way to be effective was to be informed and began attending every City Council and Planning Commission meeting for two years. He learned how the City worked and how the City could work better. He discovered misleading and deceptive practices that were being used against the City and informed the public to ensure these practices stopped. David has also spent his time helping residents navigate through the City’s policies and procedures to ensure that every resident has an effective voice.

David is currently a member of the Salt Lake County Republican Party Executive Board where he has pushed for small government and local control.

David plans to change the way that the City looks at residential development by setting a clear vision and holding developers to their promises. He will ensure that developers work with the community and will stand beside residents to ensure they are given the voice they have been denied in the past.

David has a proven record of fiscal discipline, community focus, and transparency. He is ready and willing to continue to serve the residents of Herriman as your next Mayor.


Clint Smith

Clint Smith

13749 S. Horseback Lane

Herriman, UT 84096

(801) 824-3709

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Municipal Elections Campaign Finance Report

Over 18 years ago, my wife and I chose Herriman as the place to build our lives together and raise our children. It was a small community of under 1000 residents with that charming country feel that has drawn so many to want to live here. As Herriman continues to grow and mature, it is essential to protect the core values that have drawn so many people to this beautiful community if we want them to exist in the future, for our children and the generations to come. A family focused community, with continued preservation of open space and development of parks and trails, coupled with smart and managed development, are key during this phase of rapid growth if we are to uphold our identity moving forward.

From my father, I learned early in my life the importance of community involvement. It takes action in order to move a community in a positive direction. He was never one to stand idly by hoping that everyone else would fight for what is right and what is meaningful. Putting what I learned into action, I began my involvement in Herriman City over 7 years ago when I applied and was appointed to be an alternate on the Planning Commission. Land Use issues are some of the most important and challenging issues a community can face. I wanted to become familiar with these processes and work to see that they were appropriately carried out. The Planning Commission’s job is to ensure that all applications for development within the city conform to the adopted General Plan and meet the ordinances set by the City Council. After 7 years as a member of the Planning Commission, the last 2 years serving as Chair, I have the knowledge and experience to serve this community on the City Council and put in place the ordinances that will guide our development and protect our core values in the future.

My preparation to represent your voice on the City Council is not limited to planning. Just four (4) years ago, my involvement was expanded when I had the unique opportunity to serve 5 months as Herriman’s Interim Mayor after the former Mayor unexpectedly resigned prior to the end of his term. I was appointed to the position based off of my unique insight to the current status of the city due to my involvement and position on the Planning Commission. I was honored to be selected by the members of the City Council to lead the city during an essential time as the possibility of annexation and development threatened to change the landscape of development in our community forever. A steadfastness to our core values, hard work, and open communication between myself, members of the City Council, the Community and City Administration secured us the opportunity to control oversight of that development moving forward.

As your representative on the Herriman City Council for District 2, I will listen to you and advocate for those things that will preserve the core values this community was built on. I will manage growth and encourage smart economic development with the fiscal responsibility the residents deserve. I am well prepared and stand ready to serve.

Please vote for Clint Smith for Herriman City Council District 2


Sherrie Ohrn

Sherrie Ohrn

Sherrie Ohrn

13858 S. 7300 W.

Herriman, UT 84096

(801) 633-1031

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Municipal Elections Campaign Finance Report

Hi I’m Sherrie Ohrn. Every day I wake up to the dreams of an unlimited future granted to an American girl. Every day I work to secure that bright future for those I love. I will take my passion for this great Nation and my fellow citizens and dedicate my efforts to moving Herriman forward in a balanced direction while preserving our unique heritage. I look forward to serving as your Herriman City Councilwoman. For more information and a complete bio please see my website:

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