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Road Maintenance

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Road Maintenance

Our crews work hard all year long to improve, repair, and maintain our city's roadways. Learn more below about different aspects of road maintenance:


Potholes are frustrating not only for drivers but our road maintenance crews. They occur due to a cycle of moisture and freezing through imperfections in the road. While we cannot predict where they will occur, and a more permanent fix must wait until warmer weather, we can work to get them temporarily repaired across the city and have crews assigned to fill them.

During the wintertime, here are the two methods for temporary fixes:

#1: Cold mulch patch - this is a pothole repair material that is shoveled into the hole and compacted. It usually only lasts 1-2 weeks, depending on weather. This process is used most often because of how much precipitation we get during the winter.

#2: Pothole patch machine – a rented machine that fixes potholes with a tar slurry. Using this machine is very expensive. The patches from this machine hold up a little longer than the cold mulch, especially if it’s applied on dry roads.

Pothole Filling

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