Parks Fee Frequently Asked Questions

Why charge fees for park maintenance? 

The City owns hundreds of acres of parks and open space which serve our community and visitors. Parks play an important role in connecting residents with each other, protecting natural habitats, and offering healthy recreational activities for people of all ages. Routine maintenance is important in protecting our investment in our parks and doing so in a timely manner is key to keeping maintenance costs down.

Why not use my property tax money to pay for the maintenance?

Herriman City has put great efforts in keeping property taxes down. Most of the funds from property taxes go towards public safety, schools, library facilities, and county services. The property tax revenues are not sufficient to cover all costs related to parks maintenance.

I don't use parks. Why should I have to pay?

Our parks, open space, trails, and green areas are what make this such a great place to live. They are an important component in our connectivity not only throughout our community, but to our neighboring communities as well. They enhance the active lifestyle of our residents and beauty of our community.

What does the fee pay for?

The parks maintenance fee is designated for parks maintenance. Parks staff are responsible for keeping our parks, trails, and open space in good condition. Maintenance service includes mowing, cleaning, servicing, irrigation, inspection, replacement, tree service (the City cares for 4,500+ City owned trees and an additional 6,700+ privately owned trees that make up our urban forest), the fishery, splash pad maintenance and care, rodeo grounds, cemetery maintenance, skate park, the ice ribbon, and all public restrooms within the parks. A growing community means more and more traffic in these areas, placing more demand on maintenance services.