Herriman OHV Committee

Herriman Off Highway Vehicle Committee

Herriman City is home to an active community that often enjoys the mountainous terrain within the City and surrounding area referred to as Herriman Hills. As the popularity of Herriman Hills increases, so does the pressure to appropriately manage its use. Herriman City has staff, volunteer groups, and other interested stake holders, including elected and appointed officials that continuously work to facilitate citizen use of the area while maintaining the native character of the mountainous terrain.

For the past few years, there have been requests from the various groups to allow for planning, design, construction, code allowance, and general use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV).

Herriman Hills OHV Feasibility Study

The purpose of the study is to give the City Council independent information and analysis to help them determine whether OHV use should be permitted in Herriman Hills. This study considers all relevant items pertaining to the physical, economic, social, and environmental feasibility of motorized OHV use in this area.

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