Yeti Hunt 2020

The History

Five years ago, Herriman City started hiding a yeti around the community as part of a scavenger hunt for residents to win prizes before the holidays. Over the years, each December, the yeti themed scavenger hunt has grown leading to increased popularity, participation, number of hunts, and prizes won. The “Yeti Hunt” also bred what is now affectionately known as Herriman City’s mascot, the Herriman Yeti.


How to Participate

  1. Follow Herriman City social media channels, December 1st-18th, 2020 for details on when the yeti hunts will take place. Typically, the hunts alternate every other day, and mornings (10 AM – Noon) or in the evening (5 – 7 PM), BUT you never know when the Yeti might decide to give some more prizes away and throw in an unexpected hunt.
  2. Watch for a clue to be posted on Herriman City social media. This clue will most often display a picture of a yeti ornament, as shown below, revealing the yeti’s general location. 
  3. As fast, and as safe, as you can, get to the location of the ornament!
  4. Again, the ornament reveals the general location of where the yeti is so you might need to do some searching, once you’ve arrived until you or someone else has found the yeti ornament. If you’re the first to find the ornament, you’re that day’s big prize winner! Follow the instructions attached to learn how to obtain your prize.
  5. If you are not the first to find the yeti, that’s OK! There is still a chance to obtain prize drawing entries. Find the “footprint” the yeti left behind (shown below), take a picture with it, and post it in the comment section of that day’s Yeti Hunt clue on social media or tag @HerrimanCity in your post on Instagram. 


Additional notes:

  • The final hunt is a longer, multi-stage, scavenger hunt
  • Once all the hunts are complete, the Herriman City Events Dept. will hold a big prize drawing to raffle off a variety of prizes big and small to all those who participated in the hunts
  • One Yeti Hunt winner per household; however, if you win a hunt, you may still obtain prize drawing entries throughout the other hunts and be eligible to participate in and win, the final hunt and prizes in the prize drawing

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