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Democracy at a local level


Herriman City will have a municipal election in 2023. City Council seats for districts 1 and 4 are up for election.

Any person who is eligible to vote in an election may register and vote in a municipal election. Additional information and registration forms may be obtained from the Salt Lake County Elections Office at (385) GOT-VOTE or by emailing got-vote@slco.org.

City Council Candidates

District 1 (one seat)

Jared Henderson

12568 South Heritage Hill Ct.

Herriman, UT 84096



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2nd Finance Report

Chris Roberts

5788 West Blue Creek Dr.

Herriman, UT 84096



Finance Disclosure

2nd Finance Report

District 4 (one seat)

Matt Bello

4149 W River Shade Ln.

Herriman, UT 84096



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2nd Finance Report

Steven Shields

5453 West Evening Side Dr.

Herriman, UT 84096



Finance Disclosure

2nd Finance Report

District 1

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Jared and with his wife of 25 years and 3 children have lived in Herriman since 2009. He is asking for your vote and support to continue working for common sense solutions in our city. 

Jared became a leader in the community by organizing his friends and neighbors when the city failed to listen to its residents regarding development. This became the grassroots effort for Responsible Growth. He has since volunteered his time, energy and resources to change the way the city operates from the inside out. Those efforts include leading the way for many other concerned citizens to become involved, changes in city management and the separation from UPD and UFSA saving Herriman taxpayers millions of dollars while increasing the level of service. Jared has a proven record of voting against high density housing, preserving and encouraging commercially viable zoning, holding developers and the city accountable by truly representing his neighbors. 

Jared has a degree in Finance, is a Certified Financial Planner with over 20yrs of experience. He loves coaching youth soccer and helping his family, friends and neighbors enjoy living in Herriman.

Email: jaredsdogs@gmail.com

Chris Roberts portrait

As my family started to build our home in Herriman over three years ago, we fell in love with the community. I am honored to be running for Herriman City Council District 1. I look forward to serving in this capacity and want to focus on influencing the right growth to ensure Herriman keeps its charm while we continue to evolve.

My priorities for Herriman are:

  • Working together to ensure responsible growth
  • Safety and wellness
  • Mountain View Corridor

The rapid growth we are experiencing in the southwest corner of Salt Lake County is record-setting. As we grow, we must make decisions and work together ensuring we maintain our quality of life by empowering business, economic development, and community growth that keeps Herriman an outstanding place to live.

In my professional life, I have served the public in Law Enforcement for over 15 years. I am a leader in training peace officers in crisis intervention and de-escalation across our state. My experience working in government has taught me how important elected leadership and representation is in every community. I look forward to serving on the Herriman City Council.

Email: vote4chrisroberts@gmail.com

Website: www.roberts4herriman.com

District 4

Matt Bello headshot

Matt Bello is dedicated and passionate about serving the community of Herriman. He and his husband have been living here for 5 years, watching as the area and district have exploded with new growth. With a strong background in community involvement and leadership, Matt is committed to making a positive impact on District 4. As a member of the Herriman City Council, he aims to address the needs and concerns of the residents and work towards creating a city that is vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous. Matt seeks to bring innovative ideas, transparency, and collaboration to the council to ensure that the voices of the community are heard and represented. Some of the issues Matt would like to address are roads and transportation, protecting our green space, inclusivity, and housing issues. With a focus on promoting economic development, enhancing infrastructure, and preserving the city's natural beauty, Matt Bello is determined to make Herriman a great place to live, work, and raise a family. 

Email: mattlandonbello@gmail.com

Website: bello4herriman.org

Steve Shields portrait

Steve is a well-known business leader, teacher, speaker, and civic leader with over 30 years of dynamic leadership and executive management experience.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, Steve has worked for some of the largest and most respected companies in the world, as well as for small private companies.  Steve has founded three companies, and in his full time position he currently consults executive decision makers with some of the largest financial services institutions in the nation.  

​During the past 3.5 years as a member of the City Council, Steve has kept his prior campaign promises: 

  • Voted to replace City Manager, Assistant Mgr, City Attorney, and City Finance Manager
  • Developed and implemented the most transparent and open annexation process in Utah State history
  • Helped to revise old development agreements in favor of detached single family homes
  • He has championed new finance tools to prioritize infrastructure BEFORE new development
  • Drove the research and approval of a new broadband Municipal Fiber network to be built starting next year
  • Worked to stop the use of building permit fees for ongoing operations and grow the retail sales tax base

Steve is married to his beautiful and talented sweetheart Lindsay and is the father of five children. In his spare time, he reads voraciously (he has been known to read several books in a week), loves action movies, enjoys all kind of live music, dabbles in cooking, and faithfully cheers for his beloved Denver Broncos!

Steve believes that the next 4 years will be key to determine the kind of city that Herriman will evolve into. It is vital that we not only preserve the feel and history that make Herriman special, but ensure that the future of Herriman is done in a manner that promotes economic stability, balanced budgets, and quality of life for all residents of Herriman.  

Re-Elect Steve Shields for Herriman District 4.

Email: stevenlshields@gmail.com

Website: www.voteforshields.com

Meet the Candidates - October 24, 2023

Watch the replay of "Meet the Candidates" to hear from those running for election in Districts 1 & 4. 

Voter Registration

Online Application:

Visit the Online Voter Registration website to find information and to register. You need to have a current Utah Driver License or ID card in order to register using the online system. Your Online Voter Registration must be submitted 11 days prior to the upcoming election to be eligible to vote in that election.

To find out if you are a registered voter please visit the County Election’s website. For voter registration information, contact the Salt Lake County Election Registrars office at 801-468-3427.

Sample Ballots

Election ballot - District 1 (English)

District 1 - Sample Ballot (English)

Election ballot - District 1 (Spanish)

District 1 - Sample Ballot (Spanish)

Election ballot - District 4 (English)

District 4 - Sample Ballot (English)

Election ballot - District 4 (Spanish)

District 4 - Sample Ballot (Spanish)

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