Detached Structures

If you are planning to add a detached garage, shed, pole barn, or similar structure to your property, that is larger than 200 square feet, you are required to submit for and obtain a building permit and all required inspections. Please do not purchase plans or materials prior to contacting the Planning Department, 801-446-5323, for conceptual plan review .

If the structure is 200 square feet or less, but you are adding electrical, heating or plumbing, then an Electrical Mechanical/Plumbing permit is required (see Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing).

Please be aware that dumpsters and construction materials must not create an obstruction to the public.

Requirements for submitting a permit application for a detached garage/shed/pole barn or similar structure

  1. Permit Application Form.
  2. Site Plan (see sample Site Plan Diagram).
  3. Construction Plans including:
    1. Floor Plan including outlets, lights, switches and dimensions for floor area, windows and doors (see sample Floor Plan diagram).
    2. Elevation Plan showing each side of structure including windows, doors, etc. and the measurement of height from the lowest part of ground to the roof peak (see sample Elevation diagram). Also show that the exterior finishes will match the dwelling by including a picture of the house and noting the colors and materials to be used on the detached structure.
    3. Section Drawings showing information for roof, trusses, walls and footings (see sample Cross Section diagram). If the structure is being built closer than five feet to a property line, then fire-resistive construction is required on the wall parallel to that property line. A notation must be made on the site plan, and details must be shown on construction drawings (see sample Fire-Resistive diagram).
    4. Other applicable information – Building Codes and Design Criteria.
  4. If the proposed structure is larger than 800 square feet, stamped engineering from a Utah licensed Structural Engineer is required as part of the submitted plans.
  5. Comply with all Zoning Department requirements regarding setbacks from property lines, height of structure, maximum size of structure and public utility easements (see Public Utility Easements). For any questions regarding these items, contact the Planning Department at 801-446-5323 or

Permit fees are based on the square footage being finished. You can call the Building Department at 801-446-5327 for an estimate of your permit cost (see Fee Calculation Form). Permit fees pay for reviews in the office as well as all inspections which will need to be done at the property. We will email invoices when fees are due.

Submit signed application and plans to the Building Department by email at If your plans are too large to email, please provide a shareable link to where we can download your plans from such as Dropbox, Google Drive or other online service.

Plan review will take approximately 10-15 working days, after which we may require corrections that need to be made to your plans. The permit will be issued after plans are approved and all fees are paid.

Detached garages/shed/pole barns or similar structures typically require three inspections, but may require others as needed (see Required Inspections). Call the Building Department at 801-446-5327 at least one business day before you wish to schedule each inspection. You may ask for an hour block of time when there will be an adult to meet the inspector at the property. When the work is completed and all inspections are approved, be sure to keep the plans, permit and inspection reports with your house records.

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