Hunting in Herriman

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is the governing body over hunting in the State of Utah. Herriman City has adopted an ordinance establishing hunting regulations specific to Herriman. Please see this link to view the ordinance and rules for the hunting season and the discharge of firearms within the city. Click here to view the extended archery boundary map provided by the Division of Wildlife Resources.

The signage below will be posted at trailheads, indicating rules and a map of the legal hunting areas within city limits.


Please be familiar with private property lines and take care to not trespass. If property owners find hunters or others trespassing on their land, they may call police dispatch at 801-840-4000. The Herriman Police Department will be performing increased trail patrols for education and enforcement of hunting rules and regulations. Hunters and trail users are encouraged to be courteous while enjoying Herriman’s open space.


Below are links to helpful information provided by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources that we encourage hunters to become familiar with:

Hunting Regulations

Administrative Rules

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